30 October, 2023 (updated 3 April, 2024)
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1xBet Markets and Meaning

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When another bookie pops up and catches our eye, we dive deep into it and examine the website and mobile app upside down. The beloved part of the review is about available sports betting options. Fortunately, 1xBet can become a book with the title “Sports Betting Options, Explained.” And that’s because the bookie has over hundreds of sports disciplines and dozens of betting markets on board. Basically, it’s possible to review each market on the site and become acquainted with betting in general. So, on the page below, we’ll speak on what betting options exist, how to read them, what codes are available, and how to use them properly. 

When joining the sportsbook for the first time, you’ll most likely get lost among the variety of numbers and symbols. The heart of any sportsbook is its matches, betting markets, and odds. So, to stay competitive and win more often, you have to master the variables and know which one is suitable for your bet. 

1xBet Odds Explained 

1xBet Odds Explained

Learning how odds work, how they are formed, and how to take advantage of them is also important. Basically, odds determine your probability of winning the bet and show the potential payout if a certain outcome occurs. Higher odds mean higher payouts but lower probabilities. It’s also important to be aware of the parameters that influence the odds of this or that event. Firstly, the odds are formed considering the teams’ statistics. Second, it depends on their ability to win in the current match, keeping in mind the team’s current state, player injuries, different lineups, and many other factors. So, the quick conclusion is that between two teams or two players, there is a favorite and an underdog. Betting on the favorite will most likely result in a smaller payout. Betting on an underdog is more risky but pays out much more. So, let’s learn how to read the odds and the types of coefficients. 

Types of Coefficients at 1xBet 

Types of Coefficients at 1xBet 

Bookies in different countries have varied sportsbooks. It means that they are different in indicators that show the odds. In general, people evaluate three types of coefficients: European, British, and American. For example, you would have to use absolutely different designations to indicate the same odds in different types. 

  • European. This is also called decimal because the numbers indicating the probability of winning are shown as decimal numbers. For example, Arsenal vs. Manchester City has odds of 1.6, 4.56, 2.5, (1×2), which means that if you bet on Arsenal to win, your stake will be multiplied by 1.6. For example, $100 * 1.6 = $160. However, if you bet on Manchester City and they win, your bet will be multiplied by 2.5. The draw result has a multiplier of 4.56 and a win of $456, respectively. 
  • British. Here, bettors calculate odds by using fractions. For example, the odds look like 4/1 or 5/2, and to calculate the probability, you have to divide the values. So taking 4/1 is equal to 4, so your bet is multiplied by 4. 
  • American. For the sake of simplicity, let’s take a bet of $100. There are plus and minus signs. If the bet has a minus sign (-110), it means that you are betting on the “favorite” and in order to win $100, you must bet $110. You will end up with $100 plus your original $110 bet. Of course, you don’t have to bet $100 or more, it scales according to your amount. If the odds have a + sign, you need to bet less to win the same amount because you are betting on the underdog. So if you bet $100 with odds of +130, you will win $130, plus your original $100 bet.

How to Bet Using Coefficients at 1xBet 

How to Bet Using Coefficients at 1xBet 

Go to the 1xBet sportsbook and choose the section with live or upcoming events. Fortunately, 1xBet is an international bookmaker, so you can choose any type of odds (European, UK, or US). The odds look similar to what we have shown above. So, check out the guide on how to add the selection to the betslip.

  1. Open the main page of 1xBet and click on the cog in the upper right corner.
  2. There will be six odds formats, and you can choose the one that is convenient for you.
  3. Then scroll down a bit and select the sport.
  4. After you click on it, the page with all live and upcoming events will appear.
  5. Click on the odds of the specific betting markets.
  6. Each click will add a selection to the betslip.
  7. Go to the bet slip and enter the amount you wish to bet.
  8. Check the potential payout and total return after expenses.

The bet will be placed as soon as you click on the “Bet” button. Now, depending on the outcome of the match, you will receive the payout according to the odds or lose the bet. Ensure you carefully analyze the odds of the match and the chosen market. When betting on live events, the odds can change every few seconds, and the change is indicated by green or red arrows next to the odds numbers. Furthermore, it’s possible to click on multiple events at once to create an accumulator. The total odds will increase with each new leg added. If this tutorial is not enough for you, read about how to bet at 1xBet in more detail on the other betting-related page. There’ll be more information on available betting markets, betting types, and useful techniques. 

1xBet Codes and Meanings 

1xBet Codes and Meanings

The bookmaker is a platform with many uncertainties. That’s why it’s important to know the codes and their meanings to make the right prediction and place the right bet. It is absolutely necessary to know when the bet starts and ends and what the potential payout is. That’s why your way leads to the description of the codes used on the betting slip. 

The Final Odds 

At 1xBet, you can find it as total odds. This indicator shows what the odds are after you have added another selection with different odds. You know that adding another selection will increase the odds, so the total odds are shown on the bet slip after the selection blocks. 

The Bet Amount 

The bet amount is also known as the stake and indicates the amount you wish to bet. This parameter is always set individually by each player. Find the “Stake” field on the betting slip and enter the amount you wish to bet. The total payout will be calculated instantly based on your stake. Don’t forget to check the minimum and maximum bet amounts in your currency.

Maximum Bet 

The code that determines the maximum bet allowed on a given bet slip. It varies by selection, sport, type of game, and other factors. Another factor is the number of selections on the parlay (accumulator). The higher the odds, the lower the maximum bet allowed. The maximum odds for an accumulator is 500. However, the maximum odds for a single event is 200. 


The button refers to the quick placement of the bet with the maximum stake from your balance. In other words, as soon as you click on the automax bet, your entire balance will be entered into the betting slip. It’s convenient if you’re tired of typing in the entire amount over and over again. 

Possible Winnings 

After you’ve selected the games and betting markets and launched the betting slip, you’ll need to set the stake and calculate your potential winnings. Fortunately, the system will do the calculation automatically once you have set all the options. The potential return minus all expenses, such as regular tax and excise tax, is displayed on the last line before the “Bet” button. 

Available Advance

1xBet is a large bookie that allows you to place a bet even if you haven’t invested any money yet. This is possible thanks to the Advance feature, which provides credits in advance. Funds from 1xBet Advance are credited to your betslip under certain conditions. Firstly, you can only request an advance if you’ve already placed 10 or more bets. Second, the advance feature is available to players who have at least one unresolved bet. There are pros and cons to advance bets, but you will still have to cover the debt in the future. Make sure you use it responsibly. And it’s always better to make the deposit. 

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1xBet Conclusion 

Betting at 1xBet has always been a pleasure. It has numerous available sports betting options for players of all tastes. It has greatly diversified the experience, making it easier to win by experimenting with different betting techniques and formats. All you have to do is master the odds and codes to place the perfect bet. All the options are straightforward.  


What to do if the betting coefficient was changed?
Odds change regularly, especially during live events. However, you need to pay attention to the changes by looking for the red or green arrows. On the betting slip, you have three options: accept the odds as they are, accept any changes, or accept only if the odds increase.
How can the odds of teams in a 1xbet office be shown?
Odds are displayed in six variants: decimal, European, American, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian. You can switch between them on the 1xBet setting.
Why are the ratios of 1xbet per football so high?
1xBet has one of the highest odds on football events. Open the sports section of several sportsbooks and try to compare.

5 / 5. 1

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