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Betika Betslip

The beauty of a modern betting environment is the ability to customize your bet, use different betting markets, apply different types of bets, and also make predictions and share them with your friends or download someone’s predictions and follow someone’s strategy. Betika is a great example of a bookmaker that focuses on professional betting and offers a great website and mobile app with high-security measures, user-friendly navigation, a highly optimized website, and many other parameters that ensure a stable and pleasant experience.
In the following article, we will discuss the betslip, what it is like to load a betslip at Betika and mention some tips on how to use it and share it with other players. 

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About Betika

About Betika

Betika was established in 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. It has a license from BCLB ((Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya) and legally offers betting entertainment services to local punters. If the bookie sounds interesting, read our separate article on how to place bets on Betika

Betika delivers outstanding opportunities for all sports enthusiasts, offering tons of sports matches daily, allows to bet on live events and choose from dozens of betting markets. Moreover, it features a convenient betslip with flexible settings, where you can create your own bet and share it or enter the already created bet using the betslip code. Let’s show you how you can benefit from betslips on Betika. 

What Is a Betslip? 

Betslip is a special tab in the sportsbook that allows you to monitor all your bets, customize their settings, and see the potential payouts, current odds of matches, and characteristics of the bet. Your betting sessions will always come along with betslips. The best part is that you can build your signature combination of matches (parlay) and convert it into the bet code. Then, all information about your bet will be stored in the code or link. Once the code is generated, you can send it to other bettors. Or, you can find the code on the trusted betting forums and load it. Let’s check how! 

Loading a Betslip: Step-by-Step 

Loading a Betslip: Step-by-Step

There is a fairly common scenario for loading the betslip and why you might need it. For example, you may want to follow someone’s strategy and place similar bets. In this case, copy and paste the code. However, be aware of the odds, and depending on when you add these games, the odds and payouts can be very different. Check out the guide below. 

1. Launch Betika and Create an Account

You can miss this step and go right to the login page if you have already registered. If not, open the website and hit on the “Register” button. Provide your phone number and create a password.

2. Open Sportsbook

Once you get authorized on the site, press “Home” or the live button from the header to open the sportsbook. 

3. Load the Code

On the right side of the homepage, you will find a small empty window. Copy the code and paste it into this box. Finally, press the “Load Betslip” button. All your selections will automatically be added to your betslip. There is also an option to load it using the link. Just go directly to the generated link, and all betslips will be added. 

Tips to Load Betslip at Betika 

Starting a journey online requires you to be knowledgeable and have experience. However, beginners usually start betting without practicing and suddenly lose money. That is why we have listed the most common problems and solutions when using betting slips. 

  • Every betting session begins with an analysis of which games to bet on, which markets to bet on, and what type of bet to place. However, when you download betslips, you skip all these essential steps and rely only on the person who created the code. So you have to check all the selections on the betslip and make your own decision.
  • Trust only reliable sports analysis. Of course, it’s possible to follow the strategy of your friend or a stranger with “great” analytical skills and years of experience. It would be hard to find real professionals. But always pay attention to their betting history, statistics, and reviews of other active followers.

How to Share Betslips 

If you consider yourself an expert bettor, it’s possible to share your ideas about future games by sharing the codes. In general, it’s an important job where you can show off your predictions, smart strategies, and deep analysis of all the games. When you share the code, it’s important that you explain your choices to prove that all your selections have a high probability of winning. Check out the steps below. 

  1. Go to the sportsbook. Open Betika and log into your account. Go to the home page or log in and browse the future or live games. 
  2. Make an analysis. Take a deep look at each match and analyze the pros and cons of each player and club. Make the statistical analysis and follow the news. 
  3. Determine the markets and types of bets. Once you have decided on the matches, look at the markets and their odds.  
  4. Add sections and create a code. Click on the markets you’re sure of and create an accumulator. Remember that the more legs you add, the lower your chances of winning. Then press the “Share” button, and the link will be generated. Now, you can share this link on social media or with your friends.


Betika Conclusion 

Betslip is a convenient instrument if you want to share your predictions on the Internet or follow someone’s betting strategy. Remember that following the strategy of an unknown player does not guarantee a win. However, if you trust the analysis, using a betslip to follow other players’ picks is extremely convenient.


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