18 December, 2023 (updated 26 December, 2023)
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Betway Shut Down in Kenya: Best Alternatives

For some, the news was like a thunderclap. The bookmaker, a favorite of many Kenyan punters, has closed its regional operations. This post will help you overcome frustration by answering all of your queries.

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Why Did Betway Close Down?

Why Did Betway Close Down

Let’s start by asking when it happened. The bookie put a decisive end to its Kenyan history on May 16, 2023. On this day, the company released an official statement notifying its customers and partners of the platform’s discontinuation.

But why has the global gambling giant abandoned its local clientele? The betting operator has not given any explanation for leaving the internal market. 

However, both experts and ordinary players have similar opinions. The taxation policy in the country may seem outrageous to larger businesses, and not everyone is willing to comply.

But whether the company has shut down out of high taxes or not, it’s a huge loss for the region.

Can I Restore My Account?

Getting your account closed feels like a logical outcome of the operator’s departure. Once the business ceased operations, it automatically banned new player registrations.

At the same time, existing users retained access to the platform with the right to check their balance and request bet cashouts. It means blocking your account might not be connected with the closedown.

The reasons for a locked Betway profile may be as follows:

  • Account duplication.
  • Failed verification.
  • Suspected misconduct.
  • Enabled self-exclusion.
  • Invalid login details.

Can your account be reopened? There’s always a chance, so feel free to contact the bookmaker’s support team for timely and all-embracing assistance.

How Do I Withdraw Money From My Account?

First, you need to figure out the issue behind locking. Namely, whether it’s a temporary suspension or a permanent closure. If you have money left on your gaming balance that you won but didn’t withdraw, don’t hesitate to contact customer care.

You can describe your situation and seek help using the following contacts:

0205 142 400 800 730 300 support@betway.co.ke

Can I Log Into My Account Using a VPN?

You may use VPN services to sign into the betting platform if you’re outside Betway’s jurisdiction. Since the Kenyan domain is no longer active, you can switch to other locations where the bookmaker is up and running.

Disclaimer: However, using a VPN is your sole responsibility. The operator may interpret it as an attempt to bypass corporate bans and block your account, IP address, and, most importantly, funds. So, it’s safer to consult with customer service first.

In Which Regions Is the Bookmaker Available?

In Which Regions Is Betway Bookmaker Available?
African presenceGlobal presence
– Ghana
– Malawi
– Mozambique
– Nigeria
– South Africa
– Tanzania
– Zambia
– Argentina
– Belgium
– Denmark
– France
– Germany
– Ireland
– Italy
– Malta
– Mexico
– Poland
– Portugal
– Spain
– Sweden
– the United Kingdom
– the United States

I Can’t Use Betway From Kenya Anymore

Yes, the deed is done. The bookmaker has curtailed operations in the country, but there’s always a way out. You can turn to other GEOs aided by VPNs, but be wary of potential risks. Or, much safer, look out for operators that are still afloat in Kenya.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. Both domestic businesses and international franchises are represented in the area. The main thing is to consider all the necessary factors when picking the right company, such as.

  • License availability.
  • High credibility.
  • A wide event choice.
  • Favorable odds.
  • Smooth payments.
  • Responsive support.
  • A good reward system. 

Alternative Betting Platforms in Kenya

Betway Alternative Betting Platforms in Kenya

We have selected three competitors for the departed Betway. These are the bookies with whom you can place bets in Kenya legally and securely.   

Betway vs. 1xBet

Two world-renowned franchises with a plethora of sports matches to choose from. However, 1xBet also houses special bets, TV games, and many other gambling activities. And in terms of bonus offerings and promo campaigns, Betway is definitely inferior to its counterpart.

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Betway vs. MelBet

Both bookmakers allow you to play through a browser on your PC and from your mobile device via the website and apps for iOS and Android. You can join either platform with your phone number, but MelBet simplifies signup by adding one-click and social media options.

Bet365 vs. Betway

Both bookmaking titans have branches all over the world. They enable you to place pre-match and live wagers on versatile sports selections supported by multiple markets. However, bet365 outperforms its competitor in the number of payment methods accessible. 

The Bottom Line

Betway The Bottom Line

Betway’s shutdown in Kenya can’t help but upset gambling enthusiasts. But we all know when one door closes, another door opens. Therefore, it’s time to look at other worthy candidates for the title of your favorite betting site. 


Is Betway legal in Kenya?
The operator is legit as it’s the holder of a license authorizing gaming activities in Kenya. The document was given by the Betting Control and Licensing Board.
How do I use Betway in Kenya?
The firm officially announced its withdrawal from the Kenyan market in May 2023. You can try using other GEOs via a VPN, which involves risks and requires advising. Or you can play on other dependable betting sites.
Why is my Betway account on hold?
There could be many reasons for that. E.g., the suspension occurred due to failed verification, suspicious manipulation of your account, self-exclusion enabled, or because the login details you entered were not correct.
Can I reactivate a suspended Betway account?
It is possible, and for this, you need to contact the bookmaker’s support service by emailing support@betway.co.ke or calling 0205 142 400.
Can I create a new Betway account after closing my old one?
It depends on why your account was closed, such as whether or not you’ve violated the company’s rules. For more detailed explanations, you can reach out to customer service.

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