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9 January, 2024 (updated 20 May, 2024)
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Dear readers, if you have a strong attitude to try wagering on BangBet, you are in the right place. Our professional editorial team has prepared a guide explaining how to start betting on the platform without any confusion and problems.

First of all, some beginners can be a little perplexed due to a wide range of betting markets, inability to understand what is a multi-bet bet and many other reasons. Here in the article, you have a unique chance to learn which markets and sports you can find on BangBet and what to do with them.

What You Need to Know About Bangbet Before Betting

What You Need to Know About Bangbet Before Betting

Before we proceed to our betting process explanation, we need to tell you a bit about the BangBet brand. The reasons for its popularity are simple. It has a legit Kenyan license and offers trendy casino games and multiple sporting events. Besides, its bonus section is rich with opportunities.

There, players can find out which reward is available for claiming today. If you need to get a full observation of this bookmaker, you better switch to one of our newest articles, where our team makes sufficient and detailed research about each aspect of the bookie. To read our full article about BangBet, click on the link.

Basic Rules and Conditions

Each bookmaker can set its own rules and conditions that are backed up by its license. Before you can access all the entertainment the platform has, you need to follow some requirements. Check the list our experts have retrieved for your convenience:

  1. All new punters must make an account.
  2. Only punters who are 18 years old or older have an opportunity.
  3. Every registered user should verify his or her identity. Without this, it will be impossible to receive your winnings.

We will explain more about the platform regulations in the following part of the text so you will be more familiar with them.

Limits and Commissions

Other parameters that are worth paying attention to are the fees and limits a punter might be charged while depositing or withdrawing the funds. Consider the following:

  1. Transfer fees. BangBet states that it charges no extra commissions. However, for instance, the MPesa operator you may choose to fund your account or receive a payout will take 15 KES each time you confirm the transfer.
  2. Processing time. Check how long it will take for you to start wagering and enjoy your winnings afterward.
  3. Betting limits. BangBet allows its users to make stakes from 1 KES if they do not plan to claim any bonus, which might have other rules.

Account Verification and Tax Payments

One of the top required conditions before you start wagering on BangBet is verification. Every punter should prove his or her identity because this procedure helps to protect your transfer’s personal data and prevent money laundering at any stage.

Another possible requirement is to pay taxes. In case you manage to win a significant amount, you should pay up to 15% of your reward. Currently, it is the only type of tax that can touch online gamblers and sports bettors.

How to Place a Single Bet: Beginners Guide

How to Place a Single Bet Bangbet Beginners Guide

Let’s now move on to more exciting stuff, like how to make a bet. The platform has a standard mechanism for how a registered player can make stakes. Any Kenyan user can wager via different devices. Read our detailed instructions.

How to Place a Single Bet
BangBet Beginners Guide

Make Up Your Mind

Enter your account and go to the sports section. Choose a type of sport and a particular game to bet on. Once you are done, proceed to the next step.

Add Your Selections to the Slip

Observe the offered markets. Click on the odds you find attractive and make a bet by clicking on the odds and adding it to your bet slip. One market means one match outcome. You can make up to 50 selections placed in separate bets on your slip.

Confirm Your Prediction

When you are done, indicate the amount you wish to stake. Confirm your bet by clicking on the button located at the bottom of your slip. It will say “Confirm a bet” or so. Wait for the match to end to see if you win.
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Basic Terms, Bet Types, Their Specifics, and Placement Rules

Before you reach the final stage, where you confirm you bet and wait for the end of the match, you should have a basic understanding of the types of stakes you can place and markets you can choose from.

What is a betting market? It is a set of possible outcomes you can expect in the game. Here are the top possible choices:

  • 1×2
  • Handicap
  • Over/under
  • Double chance, etc.

Players can choose any of them, and the only limitation is the type of bet you need to place. Further, we will tell you more about each of them.

Singlе Bеt

A single bet can limit you to only one prediction, meaning you can place a bet containing one prediction on a particular match outcome. It is a form of bet suitable mostly for beginners because it is the basic type of sports betting. You need to select a market and the odds and add it to your slip. The number of such stakes can sometimes be about 30 or even 50 in one bet slip.

Multi Bеt

When you gain a bit more experience, you can start placing more complex stakes. They usually include several predictions or outcomes on different events placed into one bet. The primary complication here is that to win, all your predictions must be true. If any of them fails, the whole stake is a failure.

Ways to Place a Bet

BangBet Ways to Place a Bet

The BangBet brand has several options for how a player can make a bet. Thanks to its multiple options from mobile to desktop, it provides the same quality wagering experience regardless of the type of device a punter uses. The bookmaker has the following types of options:

  • Standard website
  • Lite or mobile website
  • App

Such an impressive set of opportunities suits to attract more punters to the BangBet platform because they can wager from their mobile phones, laptops, and PCs without any limitations in the platform’s contents.

On the Website

One of the ways to enter BangBet is to visit its standard-sized website on your computer. Some old-fashioned users find it the most convenient option because they can devote some time to a betting hobby. Next, you should use your login data to authorize. Then, you can make your selections based on the current matches you are interested in, their odds, and a variety of markets.

In the App

Other users with top modern Android smartphones prefer to install the BangBet app and receive fast access to its games and sporting events. It is a convenient option, however, not available for those punters whose phones are outdated or run on other OS types, like iOS and others. Therefore, one of the main requirements here is that your device is capable of downloading and using it.

Enter your BangBet account and visit the sports section. Once you decide on the type and the match, you can start observing the markets and odds offered by BangBet. Choose what you think has all the chances to succeed and add them to your bet slip. Wait until the game is finished to check the results.


If your phone is very old, you still can bet from it. Here is how. Send an SMS to 20829 with the specific text saying which game and how much you wish to stake. The text layout is the following: “[GameID]#[pick]#[stake].” It can look like this: “1257#GG#200”.

Tips on How to Place a Better Stake

BangBet Tips on How to Place a Better Stake

When you only start submerging into the betting world, it might seem difficult to build a bet with accurate predictions. Hold your breath because here in the article, we will reveal some of the secrets our professional teammates apply during their wagering sessions.

Read carefully all our recommendations and see how you can integrate them into your betting routine.

Tip #1: Live Betting Can Increase the Winning Potential

Live betting and streaming are definitely one of the best services a bookmaker can offer. Although the second option is unavailable on BangBet, you can still place a stake in live mode. It means no pre-match stakes are needed, and you can watch your game on a TV and use the platform to place your predictions while the game is still on.

It leads to a better understanding of the situation on the field. So you can place a better stake relying on various micro events happening during the match. Almost all professional bettors like this opportunity and strive to place their stakes in a live regime.

Tip #2: Bet on the Outsider

Observe the markets a bookmaker has. One of the most interesting of them is a handicap. At first, it can seem difficult, but when you understand how it works, you would like to use it for your predictions.

In a standard 1×2 option, you get to choose a winner or a draw, whereas, in the handicap, you can assign some goals to an underdog team if it competes with a stronger one to even the chances of both teams for a win. Such a bet will help you win more because of your chosen coefficient. 

Tip #3: Check Expert Predictions

Another recommendation we would like to share with you is to read expert posts and blogs. Some of the professional bettors cannot keep their success a secret, so they can share some of the tips via their social media.


BangBet Conclusion

Summing up our exploration of the betting aspects of BangBet, we would like to say that it is one of the most reliable sports betting platforms available in Kenya. Its rules and requirements have their specifics, but we cannot say that any other bookmaker has many differences.

Basically, every punter who decides to place their first bet will probably choose BangBet because it has a generous welcome free bet bonus that allows newbies to try it without risking their own funds. Here, you will find many markets, games, and events you can enjoy while comfortably wagering from your portable device or a PC.

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What is the maximum number of bets a player can place on a BangBet multi-bit?
The bookmaker states that a bet slip can include 30 predictions in a multi-bet at maximum.
What happens if I win my bet?
You can see if you won enough to withdraw them. Or you can leave the money on your balance and proceed with wagering.
How do you check the bid via phone?
You have two options here. Send an SMS to 20829 with the text “Bet#[BetID]”, or use the USSD option and dial * 852 # to send a command, reply with a number 2, and observe your results.

5 / 5. 2

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