How to Bet on BetWinner in Kenya?

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13 September, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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Every betting session should start with a quick preparation. It’s easier to join the bookmaker and start betting immediately if you know the basic principles of placing a bet, the type of bet to choose, and the requirements. Today we will talk about BetWinner as a bookmaker that will make your betting more pleasant. But before that, you need to learn how to register, verify your account, and read the guide on choosing a suitable game and placing the bet. We’ll also explain the difference between types of bets and betting markets.

About BetWinner in Kenya

About BetWinner in Kenya

This is a bookmaker with many users and thousands of daily games on various sports, including football, baseball, basketball, tennis, eSports, and numerous other disciplines. The company has been registered under Kenyan jurisdiction since 2007, with its office in Nairobi. It’s also licensed by the BCLB and available in multiple languages and currencies. In addition, the betting industry is moving towards mobile gaming, and BetWinner offers mobile apps to play on the go. If you still prefer the desktop, the bookmaker has a great website with convenient navigation buttons, an eye-pleasing design, and easy betting options. For more details, you can dive into the BetWinner in Kenya review and read the comprehensive description of the bookie. So, let’s move on to BetWinner’s betting guide.

Before Placing a Bet, What Should I Know About BetWinner?

Before Placing a Bet, What Should I Know About BetWinner?

Anyone who has a desire to start betting on modern bookmakers should be aware of the regulatory factors, privacy policy, and main requirements. Some bookmakers are more strict about payout limits, bonus policy, and betting options, while others have simple terms and conditions, including simple betting rules and straightforward betting mechanics.

Main Betting Terms and Conditions

The betting sphere has many requirements to be aware of. But you need to understand the key indicators that can make your experience unpleasant. However, knowing them will make betting more profitable and enjoyable.

  • General requirements. All persons wishing to become a member of BetWinner must be 18 years of age or older. Players under the age of 18 cannot place bets or register an account. If you are a representative, a player, or in any way personally connected to the sports, you are also not allowed to register and bet on sports. 
  • Betwinner security. Betwinner is a registered trademark with a local license. It has a head office in Nairobi and a complex customer support group. So in any unclear situation, you can get help from a professional team of managers by phone, email, or live chat. 
  • Secure website. When you enter the site for the first time, you may have concerns about the security of your personal information. Fortunately, the site and mobile app use the latest encryption technologies and other security systems to protect your information.

Limits and Commissions

Once you open the betting site, you are subject to the requirements, and it’s crucial to meet them. It’s part of the betting process, including minimum and maximum stake limits, various service charges, taxes, and fees. 

Minimum Stake 

Limits on your minimum stake are determined by each bookie separately. In the case of Betwinner, it is 22 KES. It does not vary according to the type of bet or betting market. And there’s no difference in the minimum stake for different sports. If you want to know more about Betwinner Kenya minimum stake and other limits, check out our little but useful article on this topic.

Maximum Stake 

The maximum stake is calculated differently and is determined by the bookmaker based on the sport, event, and odds of the game. Since your payout depends on the odds of the bet, there’s only a maximum return. It’s set at 1,000,000 KES per bet, and the maximum odds for a single bet is 200, and for an accumulator bet is 500. Therefore, if your stake combined with the maximum odds exceeds the maximum return, you will not be able to place the bet. 

Account Verification and Taxation 

  • Modern betting platforms have strict registration requirements, including account verification. Account verification is needed to prove your identity and avoid any related problems, including multi-accounts, bonus chasing, and underage betting. So, in order to access the platform and legally bet on your beloved sports games, you need to send the documents that show your age, name, and other information. 
  • In addition, when betting, the bookmaker must pay taxes on your winnings. To pay the tax, they take 20% of your winnings. You can find the current tax amount and the calculator of your taxes and winnings in the betslip section. Just add the game to the best lip, and the system will calculate the whole payment for you.

General Betting Rules and Types of Bets

Betwinner General Betting Rules and Types of Bets 

When it comes to betting, it’s essential to learn the basic betting rules, mechanics, types of bets, and how to determine the best bet to win and profit. Above, we’ll discuss how to place a bet, the main betting markets, and the pitfalls you may encounter along the way.

  • 1×2. This is a classic and still the most popular betting market, as all you have to do is predict who will win the game or if there will be a draw. Here, you pick the first team to win (1), the second team to win (2), or the score to be tied. In the sportsbook, you will see these bets with numbers and X. 
  • Double chance. Instead of choosing only one outcome from 1×2, you can choose two. For example, you select 12, 1x, or 2x, and if one of the two outcomes occurs, such as the first team winning or a draw, you automatically win the bet.

 If you want to learn more about betting rules and markets, feel free to check out our article on Betwinner meanings.

How to Place the First Bet

Betwinner How to Place the First Bet

Let’s move on and consider the process of how to place the bet on the site. Before registering, be sure to read the terms and conditions and learn about the requirements. Then, create an account with your phone number and email address and enter your personal information. Once the account is ready, go to the homepage and follow the instructions below.

How to Place the First Bet
Open the Website and Log in
Go to the homepage of the website and click the Login button. Enter your phone number and password.
Go to Sportsbook (Live, Sports)
Choose between the Live and Sports sections. Select your preferred game. Analyze the odds and markets. Click on the odds and add the game to your bet slip.
Set the Betting Slip Options
Set the stake and review the potential payouts. Place your bet and wait for the results.
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Main Type of Bets 

Betwinner Main Type of Bets 

The beauty of modern betting is the ability to add multiple events to the bet, creating a chain of bets and increasing the maximum odds and payouts. To understand what works for you, start with a single bet and then try multiple bets. Learn more about them above. 

Single Bet 

Single betting is what you should stick to in the beginning. Basically, a single bet includes only one event. You don’t have to worry about other matches if you win the match. You get your winnings according to the odds of the single event and market. This is less risky than multibet. 


This is the opposite of a single bet and involves at least two events. There is a tricky part that makes it more profitable and risky. If one event in the chain loses, you lose the entire bet. The risk and high payouts make the multi-bet so desirable. 

Betting Tips 

Betwinner Betting Tips

Suppose you’re looking for the best betting practices and tips on how to maximize your winnings. We’ll cover three significant groups of best betting practices, including budgeting techniques, and what are the best markets, and types of bets. 

Control your Bankroll

When placing bets, it’s not only essential to know which bets to choose but also how to control your budget and when is the best time to initiate a bet. Budgeting techniques include the principles of dividing and setting the bankroll beforehand. In other words, you need to determine the amount of money you are willing to lose in a given period of time. Once you’ve spent the entire amount, close the sportsbook and don’t try to win it back. 

Avoid Accumulators 

Accumulators/Multibets are difficult to manage at first. Even though the odds are tasty and the payouts are great, it’s not recommended to add more than one leg to the betslip. Stick to single bets and try out various strategies. 

Use Easier Markets 

Exact bets, where you have to guess the total score of the game, are what you should stay away from. The exact score is for experienced players who have a base of previous games in their heads. However, you can stick to the double chance market or over/under and minimize your chances of losing. 

How to Withdraw the Winnings 

When the betting is going well, you will get to the point where you want to withdraw your winnings. The easiest way to do this is to go to the payment page and choose your preferred method from bank cards, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Once you’ve managed to win the money, you can request a withdrawal of at least 225 KES and get your winnings from your account balance.

How to Withdraw the Winnings
Enter your Account
Log in to your account by entering your password and phone number/ID.
Go to the Withdrawal Page
Go to the Withdrawal page and browse through the available withdrawal options.
Select Method and Request Withdrawal
Select your payment method. Fill in the required information and enter the amount. Wait for the funds to arrive.


Betwinner Conclusion

Betting with BetWinner is easy. All you need is an authorized account and some money in the bank. BetWinner’s sportsbook and navigation tools are easy to learn. Plenty of betting options exist, including several attractive markets, multibets, and other options. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow the requirements. 


How do I use BetWinner app?
To use the app, you have to open the website and download the app. The app has similar characteristics and features.
How do I use BetWinner free bet?
Free bets are available to newly registered players and active bettors. To receive a free bet, you must select the offer in the registration tab and make a deposit.
Is BetWinner app real or fake?
Betwinner is a licensed bookmaker with a real mobile application. The app features an incredible sportsbook, numerous betting options, and a promo section.
How do I cancel a bet?
The only way to cancel the bet is if the Cash Out option is offered. You can request a Cash Out and get back a portion of the bet and the entire amount.
Can I cancel a bet that I’ve already placed?
BetWinner offers cash out, so you can cancel your bet even if the game has already started.

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