How to download the HelaBet app in Kenya?


With the release of the HelaBet platform in 2019, Kenyans seeking to wager on sports now have a fresh, practical choice utilizing either the app or the web. No matter your preference, both options are well-designed and optimized to bring you the most efficiency and joy. The HelaBet app, which can be downloaded on smartphones, gives bettors a streamlined wagering experience with live updates and simple navigation. Let’s break down how to get the HelaBet app on your gadget and get rolling as fast as possible.

What is the HelaBet app and What Can it Be Used for?

For Kenyans interested in placing sports wagers, the HelaBet app offers an innovative and viable choice. It provides bettors with an excellent wagering experience, complete with live matches and simple navigation, and is accessible for download on personal gadgets. You may wager on a broad variety of sports, such as cricket, rugby, and soccer, using the HelaBet app. The app will alert you to upcoming incentives and promotions if you enable notifications. Additionally, you won’t need to hurry to your PC to access your money and account.

How to Download the HelaBet App in Kenya

The HelaBet app is currently accessible only on Android devices. But if you are the happy owner of an Apple gadget, don’t get upset right away, because you are still able to wager with your device. Just navigate to HelaBet using Safari and enjoy the version that was adapted for phones. Eye-pleasing purple colors and a lightened phone version make up for the lack of the app.

Returning to Androids, APKs can be easily downloaded from the HelaBet official website. Note that it’s unavailable through the Google Play Store. Once you open the web, search for the HelaBet Mobile App in the menu. Double-check if your gadget permits downloading and installing applications from unknown sources.

The Benefits of Using the HelaBet App

We’ve already briefly mentioned some advantages of the HelaBet app. Let’s name all of them here:

  • Convenient use: easy to download and navigate, making it enjoyable for users to wager on any event.
  • Live updates on all the latest sporting occasions, so you can easily keep up with all the action.
  • A spectrum of sports: you may find anything you strive to wager on thanks to the app, which allows betting on a broad variety of sports and fun non-sporting events.
  • Betting options: you can place wagers that meet your demands thanks to the variety of wagering possibilities provided by the HelaBet.
  • Eye-pleasing: the lovely purple tones and fantastic design do not let you leave the application.
  • Safe and secure: the application is secure and protected, guaranteeing that both user information and money deposits are safeguarded.
  • Bettors’ Care: customer service staff is available round-the-clock and ready to address any issue you may face.

How to Make a Deposit

  1. Go to HelaBet or launch the app.
  2. Check that you are logged in.
  3. In the menu, select “Deposit.”
  4. Then you must choose the most convenient top-up method from the options provided.
  5. Enter the amount you want to take in.
  6. Complete the transaction.
  7. Done!

Payment Options on HelaBet

On HelaBet, your available payment options are Visa, MasterCard or M-Pesa bank cards.

How to Place a Bet on the HelaBet App

The HelaBet app makes it straightforward and convenient to place a wager. And in comparison to the web version, it requires no complicated or unique steps. And unlike using the web version, you don’t require a keyboard and mouse, which allows you to wager no matter where you are. The steps are as follows:

  1. Run the HelaBet app.
  2. Ensure you’re logged in and have enough funds deposited.
  3. Pick the sport you’d like to wager on.
  4. Select the concrete match you’d like to wager on.
  5. Consider the type of bet you’d like to put.
  6. Write down the amount you’d like to bet.
  7. Jump back to step 3 if you’d like to make more than one wager on the bet slip.
  8. Once finished, confirm your bet slip and enjoy the event!

You can always get information about your bets on your personal account. For any inquiries, please get in touch with the customer service staff.

Live Updates and Other Features of the HelaBet App

Kenyan bettors can easily keep up with the most recent events in the sports betting industry by utilizing the HelaBet app. The app gives a plethora of knowledge about various athletic events in addition to live updates for users. This makes it the ideal tool for those who want to place wise bets and reap the rewards!

The HelaBet app gives customers immediate updates while a live event is happening, which is one of its key benefits. Your absolute beloved sports can be specified, ensuring that you are not repeatedly exposed to unwanted content. In order to help you plan your wagers, the app also provides comprehensive information on upcoming tournaments.

The app is also simple to use and navigate through. You don’t need a week to learn how to utilize the app. Due to the app’s ability to suggest your next step and provide some analytical data, it is ideal for those who are new to sports wagering and want to understand more about how it functions. With its eye-pleasing and intuitive interface, the HelaBet app makes wagering fun and exciting!


The HelaBet app shakes up the industry with its app and possibilities to wager no matter how experienced you are. Great odds, simple interface, smart design, everything makes your wagering journey easy and stressless. In case you require some assistance, the customer service team is always ready to guide you and help fix your problem. We hope that Apple users will be able to install an adapted app for iOS in upcoming years. In the meantime, they are still welcome to place wagers via browsers like Safari.