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25 January, 2024 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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All people love to receive a gift, especially if it is profitable and valuable. These are the kinds of gifts that users will find on the Stake platform. This review will examine what bonuses you can get and how beneficial they are for gamblers.

Brief Review of the Casino at Stake

Brief Review of the Casino at Stake

The Stake platform only works with cryptocurrencies, and this rule also applies to casinos. For modern users, this is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. In addition, this approach makes gambling truly international, putting all users in the same conditions. The service works with all known cryptocurrencies, so you don’t have to change your preferences and create a new crypto wallet.

The range of entertainment is beyond praise. Users can play card games, roulette, slots, and exclusive games only available at this casino. Moreover, the number of options in each category is simply amazing. There are more than 1500 slots on Stake alone. You can read a detailed range description in the Stake gambling review. For now, let’s move on to discussing the bonus program.

How to Get Free Money in Stake

How to Get Free Money in Stake

Obviously, the best way to get extra money is to participate in one of the promotions. The platform offers different options, so you should familiarize yourself with the relevant section of the site so as not to miss out on profitable offers.

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The Weekly Raffles

Each user can receive a prize every week. To do this, you must place bets on the platform during the week. For every $1000, the user gets one ticket. Obviously, the more tickets, the higher the chances of winning. The drawing will take place live, and 15 winners will receive a share of the $75,000 pool.

VIP Rewards

The Stake platform uses an extensive VIP program for its users. As you gamble, you climb the ladder, gaining new statuses and access to additional bonuses. Thus, the more you spend on the service, the more you get. Stake’s VIP program is often called one of the best among online casinos due to the amount of bonuses it pays out to players.

Rakeback Bonuses

Rakeback is a privilege that allows you to earn extra money passively for every bet you place. No matter whether you win or lose. It is calculated as a percentage of each bet depending on the house edge in that game. For every bet you place, 5% of the casino advantage is returned to you. This bonus is available to VIP users starting from the bronze level or for new users as a welcome bonus.

Daily Races

This promotion is straightforward, and you don’t need additional steps to participate. Play as usual, and the system will take your bets into account. You will climb the daily race leaderboard for every bet you place, sports, or casino. The top 5,000 bettors will receive daily rewards based on their position on the leaderboard.

How to Use Free Money in Stake

Regarding using bonus funds, the Stake platform differs from traditional casinos. You must fulfill certain conditions to access the promotion, but there are no wagering requirements. After receiving it, you can use this amount like the other funds in your account.

Terms of Use and Winning With Bonuses at Stake Casino

The conditions for receiving different shares differ. You can read the specific requirements on the offer page. Most bonuses are available to active users who have passed verification and have a turnover of at least $500. It does not apply to the welcome bonus.

​If your account meets the requirements, you will automatically receive access to the promotion. After funds are credited, users can spend them on bets or withdraw them if the amount exceeds the minimum limit.

Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses in Stake Compared to Other Bookmakers

Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses in Stake Compared to Other Bookmakers

The main advantage of the Stake platform is its unprecedented variety of offerings. In fact, almost every user can receive at least one of the bonuses. Another feature is that you receive real funds rather than bonus points. That is, you no longer need to wager this amount. Just use it at your discretion. It is very convenient, so, unsurprisingly, the number of Stake fans is constantly growing.

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Optimizing the Use of Free Funds at Stake Casino

Receiving bonus money is nice, but the main thing is to manage this amount correctly. Thanks to the prizes you win, you can increase your gambling profitability and increase your benefits even more.

Gaming Strategies With Free Funds: How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

By and large, playing with bonus funds is no different from regular gambling. However, there is some specificity here. Let’s look at a few recommendations to help optimize your efforts.

  • Treat bonuses as responsibly as you would regular money. Many users make risky bets on free money, thinking it is an easy profit. Don’t make this mistake, and don’t lose your head.
  • When participating in the weekly raffle, the accrual of tickets stops at 14.00 GMT on the day of the draw. Please note that for bets placed on the day the draw ends between 14.00 and 15.00 GMT, tickets will not be awarded, as at this hour, the transition to the new draw for the coming week takes place. Therefore, it is worth waiting a little for the bets to count.
  • Many bonuses are based on your activity on the platform, so it is wise to use the money you receive to increase your turnover. Thus, you will move up the VIP program ladder without additional payments.

Otherwise, betting on bonus money is no different from regular betting: you must remain clear-headed, not give in to emotions, and follow the chosen strategy. If these conditions are met, you will save and increase the bonus.


Stake Conclusion

Stake Casino is an excellent option for gamblers, and the comprehensive bonus program is one of the reasons to pay attention to it. Notably, most bonuses are awarded in real money and do not require wagering. So, if you haven’t tried the Stake service yet, register and check out the platform’s excellent features.


Can you play Stake for free?
To start the game, you need to top up your balance.
Do you get free money on Stake?
Many promotions on the platform allow you to get actual money.
Does Stake give you a dollar a day?
When you win the daily race, you can get much more. However, the platform does not promise mandatory daily rewards.
How do I cash out money from Stake?
You can withdraw funds anytime after reaching the minimum limit and 100% deposit wagering.

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