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Who Owns Melbet

Before you join any betting platform, we recommend researching extensively everything about it. The Internet is full of articles covering everything you want to know, from betting and casino options to methods of transferring funds. The platform’s reliability is among the most important things one may learn about, although many users avoid researching this. So, we think it can be pretty useful to know about a website’s reputation, its owner, and various licenses.

And that’s what we will cover in this text. We will talk about MelBet, a popular international platform with a presence in many countries and continents worldwide. The service also operates in Kenya. So we will describe MelBet’s local platform, the company behind it, and who owns the service if there’s open and transparent information about it.

About MelBet

About MelBet

MelBet is an “all-around betting platform”: the service aims to cover the needs of the vast majority of gamblers and punters, providing a long list of features one can enjoy. First, we must mention an impressive selection of sports to wager on. While many platforms focus only on popular games, MelBet doesn’t avoid less obvious choices. The list of betting options is also pretty good, but it can be a bit longer. Still, there are enough markets to enjoy. The platform also offers extensive casino options, with a list of casinos, including hundreds of slots and table games.

You can always use smartphone apps and a mobile version of the website to access MelBet from your device. Thankfully, all the options feature a useful UI and all the features you might need.

If you want to know more about the platform, we recommend checking out our other articles covering the bookmaker’s features. We think that the general article about MelBet Kenya is a good starting point.

Early History

The platform started operating in 2012, so it’s already pretty established, having been on the market for over a decade. Its early history didn’t feature any controversies: MelBet is one of those bookmakers with stable growth over the years. The company works in many countries, so the website features over 40 languages. This includes Kiswahili, making things easier for Kenyan punters, but you can always use the website in English.

International License

The company holds a license in Curacao. It covers its operation in countries where the platform hasn’t acquired an official registration. It’s a pretty reliable license, although it has drawbacks, so having a local one is preferable.

Kenyan License

Melbet Kenyan License

Thankfully, MelBet has a local registration in Kenya. It was issued by the National Betting Control and License Board. This means that the company has to meet certain requirements to acquire it and has some obligations to Kenyan gamblers and punters if things go wrong.

Owner and Company that Operates MelBet

MelBet is officially registered in Curacao and holds an international license over there. The company behind the Kenyan branch of the platform is named GAMETOSHA LTD. It has Eastern European roots, but it operates in the majority of countries across the globe. The company’s current CEO is Rostislav Kishenkov.


Melbet Conclusion

If you know a lot about the company’s owner and history, you can draw some additional conclusions about its reliability, although it’s better to check additional reviews. Having a lot of information about owners and companies that run things can help make conclusions.

MelBet has pretty information in the open, although some of that isn’t as transparent as we would love it to be. It’s quite easy to learn who runs the company, the owner’s name, the companies behind it, and where it’s headquartered and licensed. The information about local Kenyan registration is also pretty straightforward.

So far, MelBet has proven to be a platform worth trusting. Good reliability and plenty of information about things behind the scenes make things much more clear for new punters. But we still recommend checking out additional reviews and making up your mind yourself.


When was MelBet founded?
The year was 2012.
Where does the platform have headquarters?
MelBet is headquartered in Curacao.
What’s the name of MelBet’s CEO?
The current CEO is Rostislav Kishenkov.
Is Melbet legal in Kenya?
Yes, the platform has a local license in the country.
How do I register on MelBet?

The platform offers a fairly straightforward sign-up process. Here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Go to the website or run the app.
  2. Click on the “Registration” button.
  3. Select the method: either “By phone” or via messengers.
  4. Enter the information, it will vary depending on the method.
  5. If you selected the “Via messengers” one, simply enter your promo code if you have one and select a bonus.
  6. If you go with the “by phone one,” you also have to enter your phone number and send a code to confirm it.
  7. In both cases, your country and currency are already pre-selected depending on the version of the website you’re visiting. In our case, it’s the Kenyan one.
  8. Hit the “Register” button to confirm being of legal betting age and agree to T&C and the Privacy Policy.
  9. All done.
Does MelBet have an affiliate program?
Yes, its name is MelBet Partners.

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