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2 August, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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One of Kenya’s top sports betting platforms is MozzartBet, which provides a wide selection of virtual games, live betting opportunities, and alternatives. You can simply place bets with MozzartBet sportsbetting website and have a great time winning! But once you’ve won, it’s time to get the winnings. Funds can be taken out of bookie quickly and easily using two options.

MozzartBet Withdrawal Methods

MozzartBet Withdrawal Methods

To get your money as swiftly as possible, the bookmaker provides several withdrawal options. The most widely used options are M-Pesa and MozzartBet shops.

MozzartBet Withdrawal Methods Table

In this section, we’ll provide you with a table of the accessible withdrawal options to clearly view all methods and easily compare them.

Withdrawal MethodsAvailable
Credit and Debit Cardno

How to Withdraw Funds from MozzartBet

How to Withdraw Funds from MozzartBet

The procedure of withdrawing funds from the sportsbook is straightforward. Follow the next steps to withdraw funds.

How to Withdraw Through the Website and the App

If you want to withdraw funds from the sportsbook, you can do it through the website or app. The process is straightforward and intuitive. Just find the “Withdrawal” section and select the M-Pesa withdrawal method.

M-Pesa Withdrawal

M-Pesa is one of the most popular payment methods in Kenya. So, as I mentioned earlier, this process is straightforward.

M-Pesa Withdrawal
Visit MozzartBet
Go to the MozzartBet website. Find the “Withdraw” section.
Enter Your Data
Select the M-Pesa Paybill. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
Launch Your Operation
Confirm the transaction. Wait for the money to be on your balance.
BC logo
Go to MozzartBet and Get a Bonus

Other Withdrawal Methods

Mozzartbet Other Withdrawal Methods

You can withdraw funds straight from the betting company’s shops in addition to M-Pesa. You can receive your winnings by going to a nearby MozzartBet location, where the helpful staff will help you.

Limits and Commissions

MozzartBet Limits and Commissions

The bookie has a minimum withdrawal limit of 50 KES. You have all your winnings because there are no commissions related to withdrawals. Therefore, don’t worry about additional fees because the betting platform considers the interests of punters. For more information on maximum withdrawal from MozzartBet, check our article on the topic.

Transaction Time

The time necessary for processing your withdrawal transaction depends on your selected method. The processing of an M-Pesa transaction typically takes a few minutes. Of course, the withdrawal process takes longer if you prefer to withdraw through the shop.

How to Avoid Withdraw Issues

MozzartBet How to Avoid Withdraw Issues

The procedure of withdrawing your winnings from the betting platform is typically straightforward and trouble-free, but occasionally problems can occur. Here are two main ways to ensure your transactions go without problems.

Check the Information

Always double-check the pay bill number and the amount you want to withdraw before confirming the transaction. Also, ensure your betting account has enough money, and your M-Pesa account is active.

Customer Service

Never hesitates to contact support if you have any problems with your withdrawal. The betting platform’s support staff is available 24/7 to help you with any queries or issues.


In summary, withdrawing the winnings from the online betting platform is effortless and convenient. There is a withdrawal method that meets your requirements, regardless of whether you favor M-Pesa or shops. MozzartBet is a good alternative for all your betting needs thanks to its user-friendly platform, a large selection of betting options, and quick and straightforward withdrawals.


What is the paybill for the MozzartBet jackpot?
You can participate in the Jackpots using the paybill.
How do you use MozzartBet?
Go to the betting website, register, and start to place a bet.
Who is the winner of MozzartBet?
Many punters won using the MozzartBet betting platform.
How do I transfer money from MozzartBet to M-Pesa?
Find the “Withdraw” section and select “M-Pesa,” then follow the on-screen instructions.
Does MozzartBet have an app?
Yes, you can download it from the MozzartBet website.

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