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1xBet Promo Codes

The betting industry has evolved over the last decade, attracting hundreds of millions of players around the world. In general, there are three directions in which the betting site is evolving and attracting players. The first is to provide an incredible sportsbook with all the games potential players seek. The second direction is to offer not only a large number of games but also numerous types of bets and games with favorable odds. Yes, modern bookmakers are famous for their unique types, including live bets, single bets, or parlays. And finally, modern sportsbooks are obsessed with bonuses and promo codes, providing tons of incentives for beginners and experienced bettors.

Therefore, it’s crucial to learn the differences between the promo code and registration bonuses, how to claim casino and sports bonuses, or how to benefit from a VIP program. On the following page, we’ll discuss the major bonus principles of 1xBet, the main promo codes, and how to benefit from promo codes on the 1xBet sportsbook. If you wish to learn the entire 1xBet review, check it out in the review section.

1xbet Registration Promotions

1xBet Registration Bonus on 1xBet in Kenya

The third direction of betting sites’ evolution is bonuses. That’s why every beginner starts the journey with a welcome package. You will probably find such offers in almost every gaming sphere, and 1xBet is no exception. The registration bonus at 1xBet is divided into two categories: the first one brings free credits for betting on sports events, while the second one can only be spent on casino games. Try both, or pick a side!

Bonus for Sports

BC logo
Welcome Bonus
Up To 20.000 KES
Get bonus

1xBet is, first and foremost, a sportsbook. It offers excellent opportunities for those who can’t miss the excitement of betting. That’s why you’ll find thousands of monthly games, incredible markets, and live betting. To make the experience even more enjoyable, 1xBet offers a welcome bonus that consists of free credits on your deposits.

  • 200% of up to 20000 KES on the first deposit.

To be eligible for the offer, you’re required to create an account, verify your email address and phone number, and top up your balance. Once your balance is filled up, you’ll be presented with 200% of the amount you deposited. For example, you wish to fund 500 KES. The bookie will encourage you with an extra 1000 KES to place bets on your beloved clubs. In addition, if you accept this offer, you fall under the conditions connected with 1xbet bonus wagering requirements. This pool of requirements is mandatory to comply with if you’re going to withdraw the winnings afterward. Those include:

  • The bonus amount must be wagered at least 5 times.
  • Only accumulator bets with 3 or more events will be accepted.
  • Each game must have odds of 1.4 or greater.
  • The second half of the bonus must be played through 1xGames.

Package for Casino

BC logo
Up To 190.000 KES for Casino
and 150 Free Spins
Get bonus

The second side of the 1xBet welcome packages is the bonuses for casino enthusiasts. If you’re more into the thrill of slot machines, poker, blackjack, and other games, you can claim the generous offer provided only for casino games. In such a way, 1xBet shows a great attitude, focusing not only on sports events and bonuses for them but also offering a chance to diversify the experience by switching to more relaxing gambling games.

  • Up to 190000 KES + 150 Free Spins

To be eligible for this offer, you’re required to have an authorized account. The difference here is that you need to make four deposits to claim the whole amount of the bonus. In other words, the sum is divided into four parts. And you will get a part of the bonus after each deposit.

1st Deposit30 Free Spins and 100% of up to 35000 KES.
2d Deposit35 Free Spins and 50% of up to 40000 KES.
3rd Deposit40 Free Spins and 25% of up to 45000 KES.
4th Deposit45 Free Spins and 25% of up to 70000 KES.

For example, imagine being a member of 1xBet who just created an account and wants to benefit from the bonuses. All you need to do is to fund an account with a minimum of around 1400 KES and receive 100% on this deposit. In other words, you will double your deposit, having 2800 KES on your balance. However, similarly to welcome offers for sports enthusiasts, casino players need to meet the wagering requirements. What should you be careful with?

  • You have 7 days to play through the bonus 35 times.
  • Your wagering cannot exceed 5 EUR or 750 KES.
  • Free spins can only be used on certain slots.
  • Deposits must be made in fiat currency only to qualify for this offer.

Why Use the 1xBet Promo Code?

Why Use the 1xBet Promo Code

What is the promo code, and how to use it? These are the first questions that many punters would ask. Basically, there are two types of promo codes.

  • The first one refers to the activation code for the welcome offer. On the registration tab, you will see a special window where you can input it, but only if you have one. If you don’t, it’s not necessary to enter any promo code to receive the welcome package. However, you can find them on the partner’s sites or inside the 1xBet sportsbook.
  • The second type of promo code is only interesting for experienced bettors who already spent many hours on the bookie. That’s because the currency for the promo code store where you can buy them is the cashback that you get from the regular bets. And the longer your betting sessions, the more cashback points you may receive to spend them or additional bonuses in the promo code store.

The first reason to use promo codes is to maximize your chances of winnings or to minimize losses. That’s because you get free cash from the sportsbook to learn the basics of betting, study how the odds work, and what are the available betting markets. More importantly, punters can participate in different tournaments using bonus cash and win mind-blowing prizes. These are the physical gifts that you can win and take from the nearest betting shop. It might be a joke, but 1xBet has a solid store to literally buy bonuses. You won’t have to spend your own cash to benefit from the promo code store. So to say, you play your beloved games in the live casino section with poker, blackjack, roulette, or video slots and receive cashback points, which are the currency to purchase bonuses. Now let’s look closer at the promo codes and their meanings.

How to Use the 1xBet Promo Code Kenya?

How to Use the 1xBet Promo Code Kenya

Promo codes and loyalty points have a complex mechanism at 1xBet. To figure them out, calculate the profit and understand the gist, read on for a detailed review of the common formulas used by the bookmaker to distribute points.

1xBet Bonus Points

Have you ever received a cashback not in the form of money but in the form of points that you can only spend within this establishment? Here is a similar principle. You won’t get money from cashback, but you will receive special points that can be used to purchase bonuses for both sports betting and gambling.

Don’t get confused with other promotions that give real money for cashback.

1xBet has developed an excellent formula that they use to calculate the points for each player. It includes the following: your starting account balance, withdrawals made within 24 hours, and the percentage that is determined by the bookie at the moment of betting. The amount of points given is calculated by the formula:
Points =(Account Balance – Withdrawals)×Percent/100

It might look scary but don’t worry, it can’t hurt you. Take into account that your points are accumulating over the 24 hours. You will receive points every 24 hours based on how much you bet and the balance that you settled during that time. As a result, the more bets you place, the higher the reward percentage will be.

That’s not all. There’s another formula that shows how much of your cashback will be converted into points.
PercentPerBet = WinOrLos/10×Account Balance

Let’s imagine your betting session for 24 hours and calculate how many points you will receive by the end. For example, your initial balance is 3000 KES. You bet 6 times for 500 each on the game with the odds 2.0. You end up with 3 wins and 3 losses. First of all, let’s calculate the percentage of losing and winning. 3000/6*3000 = 0.16% is the percent of winnings, while the 3000/6*3000 = 0.16% is the percent of losses. 0.32% is the total percent of your rewards. Then, we calculate the number of points (6000-0) x 0.32/100 = 19,2 points.
Sometimes we have to do math for the things we love.

1xBet Promo Codes

Once you have earned enough points, go to the “Promo Code Store” (point to the “Promo” in the header and click on “Promo Code Store”) and choose from the vast array of promos for various casino games and bets. There is the bonus and its cost. For example, for 50 points, you can buy free accumulator bets, spins for Lucky Win, spins for Wheel of Fortune, or even KES to bet on special markets like Over/Under. It’s an incredible way to maximize your betting experience and improve your odds.

VIP Cashback

First of all, there’s a multi-level system of the VIP program. Beginners have the first level, which is called Cooper. After that, you bet and climb the VIP ladder. The higher you climb, the more cashback points drop after betting. In addition to points, VIP members will get VIP customer support and exclusive offers. However, VIP cashback does not work with cryptocurrency, so only fiat money is accepted.

1XBET Casino Promo Code

1XBET Casino Promo Code

As we already mentioned, the promo codes are available not only for sports enthusiasts but also for casino game lovers. There are two giant games, such as Wheel of Fortune and Lucky Wheel, that offer bonuses to purchase via the Promo Code Store. If you love the thrill of random games, join the community of gambling games, and gain profit from promo codes. What other games give a cashback?

  • Slots. These games refer to the most popular category that excites millions of players in land-based casinos and virtual betting sites. They come in various genres, including 3D, fruit, classic, Megaways, or progressive jackpot. The last offers a chance to claim the multi-million jackpot.
  • Poker. A world-renowned table game that has taken its place in the hearts of numerous punters. It also refers to the category of Las Vegas games, featuring a big, fancy table, chips, cards, and croupiers. Nowadays, poker is a beloved game among live casino players. It is held by real dealers that broadcast their poker table, your chips, and cards.
  • Roulette. A lovely wheel with a bouncing ball and a huge table for bettings. Here you guess the outcomes that are triggered by the ball. A famous bet is a red/black which has a 50% chance. Also, you can place a bet on the number, odd/even, zero, or other options. The best part is when you get cashback on all losing outcomes.
  • Blackjack. The game is also known as 21, where your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand by having a card with a value higher than the dealer’s. You can’t exceed 21 points. Otherwise, you lose immediately, and the dealer wins, no matter how many points he/she has. It has straightforward rules, so even beginners will catch up with them in seconds.

That’s not the entire list of gambling games that can be used to generate cash back. There are many more games, such as Wheel of Fortune and the collection of 1xGames, developed by the 1xBet studio. All these games are based on random number generators. So, your outcomes strictly depend on the results that computers generate. But don’t worry; your results are not customized since 1xBet tends to be a fair betting site with certification by independent audit agencies.


1xBet Conclusion

Even if you’re not a fan of bonuses and promotions that modern bookies offer, try out the promo code section at 1xBet, where you’re not required to invest any money. Instead, you would have an opportunity to purchase bonuses using your cashback points. It brings a feeling of calm, and even if your day is not as successful as you wanted, there’s a chance to convert your cashback into points, purchase the preferred bonus, and try to win the lost money back.


How do I access 1xBet in Kenya?
If you’re registered in Kenya and have a phone number from a Kenyan provider, there would be no prohibitions to creating an account and placing bets on your favorite teams.
What is the latest promo code for 1xbet?
There’s no promo code needed to activate the welcome promo. Just create an account, make a deposit, and receive your free credits.
What is the promo code for 1xbet no deposit?
Unfortunately, 1xBet does not offer any deposit bonuses for its players.
How do I enter a promo code on the 1xbet app?
If you have a promo code on hand, click on “Register” and input the code in the special field on the registration tab.
How to generate promo code?
To purchase a promo code, you need to collect enough loyalty points and head to the “Promo Code Store.”
How to get free discount codes?
Open the Promo Code Store and spend your cashback points on the preferred bonus.

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