4 August, 2023 (updated 3 April, 2024)
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1xBet Bet Builder

In addition to a wide selection of sports and casino games, the 1xBet bookmaker’s repertoire includes many pleasant “goodies,” just one of which we will talk about today. We are talking about a bet builder, which can be helpful for a bettor. Let’s see what it is and how to use it correctly.

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What Is Bet Builder?

What Is Bet Builder 1xBet?

1xBet company offers many valuable solutions to improve your betting experience, and you can read about them and other useful features in our Kenyan 1xBet review.

Bet Constructor is one of them. With this tool, the client can simulate a virtual meeting and two lineups, choosing the meeting participants independently. After you have formed an “opposition,” you can make a deal on the result of the teams. The calculation of the constructor will be based on the goals scored or points received by the participants in your squad, but a real confrontation is taken for the calculation.

How Does It Work?

Everything looks incomprehensible and confusing, but the procedure itself is effortless. It is only necessary to understand with an example.

Let’s say we have two real meetings where four teams participate.

  • “Team 1” — “Team 2”;
  • Friendly match of youth squads “Team 3” — “Team 4”.

Of the upcoming events, we decided to make one virtual. “Team 4” — “Team 1”. The likelihood that one of the top clubs will meet with the youth team of a little-known club is minimal, so we decided to experiment. Once you have generated your virtual matchup coupon, you must wait for the official result of two real-life matches.

Let’s say we wager here on the victory of the junior Team 1. To be honest, such a deal is extraordinary, isn’t it? But everything will become apparent when we wait for the results.

As a result of the meetings:

  • “Team 2” lost to “Team 1” with a score of 1:0;
  • “Team 4” won “Team 3” with a score of 3:2 by a small margin.

The results of an actual meeting form the outcome of our fictitious wager. As a result, it turned out that Team 1 lost to the youth team of Team 4 with a score of 0:3. After all, the first failed to score a single ball, and the second scored three into the opponent’s goal. Our deal will be closed in plus, as we wager on the victory of Team 4. We open our pockets and take the honestly won money.

How to Use Bet Builder

How to Use Bet Builder 1xBet

Follow a few simple steps to make a deal through the constructor at the 1xBet bookmaker.

How to Use Bet Builder
Open Bet Builder
Log into your account and hover over the Sports section. You will see a menu with additional features. Click on the bet builder.
Select The Events
Click on the events you want to add to the coupon. Check the correctness of the data, and enter the wager amount.
Confirm the Bet and Wait for the Results
Confirm the action. Now you must wait for the outcomes of the original games and the final calculation.

Sports Available for Bet Builder

In addition to football, you can push against each other a variety of athletes. It can be hockey, tennis, basketball, and so on. In the stake builder, you will see all available sports.

Available Betting Markets

Available Betting Markets 1xBet

The bookmaker automatically calculates the total odds of the teams received within several types of stakes:

  • outcomes (win and draw);
  • double chance: non-losing of one of the opponents;
  • handicap and total.

Match Outcome

In this betting market, the bookmaker only considers the team’s victory or loss. That is, it matters whether the team won or lost. In case of identical outcomes, a draw is considered.

Double Chance

This market allows you to wager on two outcomes at once: a win for one of the teams and a tie. Thus, your chances of winning are over 60%. The result of the games is also considered according to the actual matches played. When compared, the same consequence equals a draw.


This market takes into account the score in matches or games played. It is the bet on this market that is presented in our example. If the real Team 1 wins by scoring three goals, and Team 2 successfully attacks the opponent’s goal only once, then Team 1 wins.


Handicap calculation for stake builder matches is the same as for current events. The bookmaker offers additional points for a weaker team, theoretically equalizing opponents’ chances.

Only single wagers are available in the bet builder. You cannot create accumulators or systems.

  • Broad possibilities for combinations.
  • Unusual betting experience.
  • Limited choice of markets and types of wagers.
  • High bookmaker margin.


1xBet Conclusion

The 1xBet bet builder is an excellent way to make money and take your mind off the usual deals. But remember that this is a highly complex transaction, where predicting the outcome is impossible. The bet builder is more like a cool toy with which you can pamper and poke fun at the subject, how to find out who is more potent, a tennis player or a hockey team. However, you should not count on this tool as the primary source of winnings.


Who Has the Best Bet Builder?
Today, many bookmakers have integrated the bet builder function so that you can choose according to your preferences. The 1xBet platform is the leading betting service in many countries, so its bet builder is the most popular among users.
What is the Difference Between Bet Builder and Acca?
Bet builder involves single stakes on events that do not occur in reality. Acca is a wager that combines four or more predictions on actual events. Thus, these are entirely different ways of sports betting.
What Markets Are Applicable for Bet Builders?
Bet builder allows you to wager on the winner, double chance, handicap, and total.
Can I Use the Bet Builder feature for eSports Bets?
Currently, eSports competitions are not available in the bet builder.
Can I Add Wagers from my Bet Builder to My Accumulator Bet?
Only single wagers are allowed in the bet builder. You cannot combine them into accumulators and systems.

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