28 October, 2023 (updated 3 April, 2024)
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1xBet Betting Rules and Regulations

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For more than ten years, betting enthusiasts have been drawn to 1xBet, a well-known betting site with a variety of benefits and features. In addition to being very beneficial for both new and seasoned players, this platform enjoys a solid reputation among bettors for being user-friendly and straightforward. It goes without saying that Kenyan gamblers appreciate the features of this site as well and think that this platform is among the best currently on the market. We advise looking more closely at the site’s fundamental principles by outlining its key ideas and rules. Let’s begin!

Basic Terms and Concepts

1xBet Basic Terms and Concepts

Let us start by going over some crucial terminologies and terms you will need while betting on sports on this website. Learning some of the most important and essential concepts before you start will definitely help you avoid silly mistakes as a beginner and not waste your time by performing extensive online research. You may already be familiar with some of these terms but look at them in more detail.

  • Betting markets: Betting markets are frequently referred to as “tools” that assist gamblers in altering their wagering strategy to one that is more profitable for them. Markets and bet types should not be mixed because they are completely different and operate in different ways. Markets frequently interfere with odds and outcomes, giving you different chances of winning depending on which one you choose. 
  • Odds: Odds are essentially available to users to help them calculate their chances of winning a wager and mainly represent these chances given by the bookmaker itself. In other words, it is the proportion between the wager made by the users and the amount staked by the sportsbook.
  • Bet Types: When placing a wager, you must usually make a choice and decide how many events you would like to include in your bet slip. Well, bet types are usually used for that or to diversify your selection. It is important to distinguish these types from betting markets because they can be very different. For instance, you can place a single wager on a single event or a multi-wager that combines several stakes into one.
  • Limit: The term is self-explanatory. The maximum sum a sportsbook will accept for a particular wager is known as a limit.

1xBet Bet Types and Explanations

1xBet Bet Types and Explanations

Similar to other betting platforms, 1xBet offers its users a sizable and intriguing selection of bet types to diversify their betting experience. When you use various bet types, you can customize your choice to make it more profitable for you and gain a unique experience each time you place a wager. Although there are many different types of bets, we have chosen to introduce you to the three most common ones. Here they are.


The single type of wager is the one that beginners prefer the most because it is the easiest to use and comprehend. Placing a single bet entails including only one event on your bet slip with a single outcome; this is the simplest way to place a bet on any platform. We would highly recommend beginning your experience with it if you’re new to the industry. 


A bet of the Express type is one on multiple events at once; it is also frequently referred to as a multibet or an accumulator. This one carries some risk because you must have all the events to win for your wager to succeed. Even if one of them loses, you risk losing all your bet. We strongly discourage beginners from placing an express bet, but if you feel like taking a chance, go ahead. 

Promo Code Bet

Regrettably, 1xBet no longer accepts promotional code bets. The website’s primary objective regarding promo codes is to provide its users with bonuses or rewards; however, bets cannot currently be placed through them. Depending on the time frame and terms of the promotion, promotional codes can be used to redeem a fantastic gift from the platform and can be found online on third-party websites or directly on the 1xBet official site.

How to Bet

1xBet How to Bet

For sure, you must sign up for an account on the platform before you can start betting. Do not worry; all that is required is to provide some basic information about yourself and confirm it by clicking the “REGISTER” button. This process is known to be quick and simple.

After opening an account and adding some money to it, choose a sport that interests you and start betting on it. Select an event that appeals to you, and then start making your selection by looking at the odds, deciding on a bet type, and picking a betting market. Afterward, simply enter the wagering amount, and there you are! Finalize by clicking on “PLACE A BET”, and you’re done. 

The only thing left to do at this point is to keep an eye on your wager and await the result. If you want to know how to bet using 1xBet in detail, read our article on this topic.


1xBet Outcomes

The 1xBet website provides a variety of betting markets, including ones that let users wager on various outcomes. Although they are not mentioned as frequently because beginners prefer not to use them, they are still very popular. In our opinion, such markets can be very advantageous, so we chose to introduce you to a few of them. Isn’t it amazing that you can bet on different outcomes for the same event? Here are some of the markets you can go for if you enjoy this type of betting.

1×2The 1×2 market enables bettors to wager on games where both a win for one team or the other and a draw are possible. It is highly valued by punters who enjoy betting on sports like basketball or football since draws frequently happen in these disciplines.
Over/UnderThe Over/Under wager, also known as the “Total,” is used to wager on a game’s stats. In essence, you have the option to wager on whether a game statistic will be higher or lower than a specific value established by the sportsbook itself.
Match OutcomeFor those who like to experiment with outcomes, there is yet another very interesting betting market. With this one, you can try your luck at predicting a match’s result. All you have to do to win your bet is make a guess on how many goals will be scored over the course of a 90-minute game.
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Terms and Conditions of the Minimum and Maximum Bet

1xBet Terms and Conditions of the Minimum and Maximum Bet

You probably already know about the minimum and maximum bet systems that many sportsbooks in Kenya and around the world have established if you are familiar with other betting platforms. This limit basically aids the bookmaker in maintaining and controlling the website’s cash flow while also preventing any fraudulent activity from taking place. It goes without saying that minimum and maximum bets are frequently seen as restrictions despite being designed to help the platform and its users.

Our short post about 1xBet minimum stake will tell you everything you need to know about the limits. Simply put, the minimum stake is the least amount you are permitted to wager, and the maximum bet is the largest. The minimum wager on 1xBet is always KES 10, while the maximum wager varies from sport to sport and event to event. 

Make sure to always check out these numbers when adding events to your bet slip.

Other Restrictions

1xBet Other Restrictions

Naturally, there are other restrictions on 1xBet that are more strict than minimum and maximum bets and that take up an essential place in the terms and conditions of the website. Some of these regulations are centered on the safety of users and the legitimacy of their behavior, while others are centered on the security of the website itself and the bookmaker’s personal data. Here are a few of the main guidelines and prohibitions you need to be aware of and remember when using the platform.

  • Each user of the website must be of legal age, which in Kenya is 18 years old. Underage users will not be accepted on the platform, and if any fraud is discovered there, the website’s administrator has the right to block the account and prevent its owner from using the platform.
  • Only accurate information should be entered on the website. Members who misrepresent their identity run the risk of being asked by the website’s administrator for additional information about themselves, such as identification documents or a driver’s license proving their identity.
  • Making multiple accounts is also prohibited. The golden rule at 1xBet is one phone number and email address per account. Double accounts are regarded as fraudulent and are both immediately deleted. 
  • There is yet another rule, the minimum deposit and withdrawal rule, which is similar to the minimum and maximum bets. These operations each have a fixed amount that cannot be less than or greater than that amount. For instance, neither deposits nor withdrawals of less than KES 100 or KES 200 are permitted. There are currently no maximum deposit or withdrawal amounts, but we still advise you to confirm this with the payment system you are using before making either of these transactions.


1xBet Conclusion

In summary, we can say that even though the 1xBet website has various rules and regulations, it is still very user-friendly and only requires minimal compliance on the part of its users. Respecting the website’s T&Cs is unquestionably the least that users can do to express appreciation for the platform because these rules were put in place to make using the website easier and create a comfortable environment for members. We advise our readers to pay attention to these rules, take advantage of the website responsibly, and profit from the platform’s many features to have fun while using it. Check out the FAQ below if you still have questions after reading this article. 


How do I win a 1X2 bet?
You must correctly predict whether the match will end in a home win, away win, or draw to win such a wager.
What does 1X2 in regular time mean in 1xBet?
1X2 is a betting market that is very popular and can be used to bet on draws.
Does the both teams to score market include penalties?
No, it doesn’t.

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