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The gambling world is constantly evolving, with bettors getting more options to experiment with. GGBet is an internationally acclaimed sportsbook that prioritizes providing top-quality services to its users. The GGBet team is constantly working to offer modern approaches to wagering. Most importantly, the platform is known for its incredible selection of eSports.  

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eSports Betting

eSports is one fantastic way to enter Kenya’s betting world. As eSports tournaments become popular, more people are interested in engaging in the events with their predictions. Unique eSports odds and markets can already be highlighted within the betting industry. Additionally, it is crucial to pick a reputable site with a rich selection of games. The impressive collection of online GGBet eSports is one way to start your gambling journey. Some popular examples of the list include:

  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota-2
  • Call of Duty
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant

CS:GO Terms and Conditions

CS:GO Terms and Conditions

CS:GO is a highly competitive and thrilling game to watch and bet on. Along with the game’s enticing gameplay, bettors can appreciate its various strategies and intricacies. With a list of transparent rules, CS:GO can be easily understood by punters of all levels. At the same time, it is crucial to keep note of specific terms and conditions:

Account Sharing

Please note that sharing accounts for wagering purposes is prohibited and can lead to profile deactivation. Make sure to place bets and participate in promotional offers solely from one account. 

Account Verification

KYC policies are often implemented to provide valid ID verification procedures. This step is crucial in keeping the CS:GO wagering environment secure for all users. 

Legal Age

The legal age for any betting in Kenya is 18 years old. You will have to verify your age before making your first deposit. 

Tournament Rules

The match starts with the first kill in a pistol round. Live coefficients are changed in real time during live events. If the match does not occur within 48 hours, bets are refunded.

Deposit Requirements

The minimum deposit is 0.5 USD for all CS:GO bets at GGBet. 

Relevant Markets

The CS:GO-specific markets can change depending on the event and typically include map handicap, total number of maps, round handicap, and winner. 

How to Bet

GGBet How to Bet

The process of placing CS:GO stakes is simple and only requires a few steps. 

Create an Account

Sign up for an account on GGBet. It involves providing your email address, phone number, or social media account and creating a strong password. 

Deposit Funds

Deposit money into your betting account using the available payment methods. The platform accepts bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.

Claim Bonuses (Optional)

GGBet is known for its impressive collection of promotions, especially for new users. Use the welcome package to begin your journey risk-free.

Navigate to CS:GO Section

The section is located under the E-sports category on the website. You will find all the live and upcoming games in one place. Explore the available odds and markets for the relevant CS:GO matches.

Place a Bet

Choose the matches and markets you want to bet on. Click on the odds for your selected outcome, which will be added to your bet slip. Enter the amount of money you wish to wager. 

Withdraw Winnings

Double-check your selections, stake, and potential winnings. If your bets are successful, you can withdraw your winnings. Do this from your account settings in the withdrawal section.

Reasons for Popularity

CS:GO has been at the top of the eSports leaderboard for many years now. The game is enjoyed by players worldwide for various reasons. This shooter is an all-time classic, unlike the numerous seasonal games that are constantly being replaced. Let us review the many reasons behind its popularity. 

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GGbet: the best eSports coverage in whole of Kenya!
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Clear Concept

Successful betting requires punters to understand the idea behind the game they are wagering on. The transparency of CS:GO rules and regulations makes it easy to strategize and predict outcomes accurately.

Team Building

The team-based game emphasizes the importance of planning and performing as a united group, an essential skill applicable to any other field of life. The CS:GO community includes both professional players and expert bettors who know the game better than anyone.

High Excitement

The competitive nature of CS:GO makes it highly intriguing to anyone watching. Joining in on significant events with high stakes is noted by users as a fantastic way to spend the day.

Competitive Environment

Since the game clearly distinguishes between the opposing teams, a robust competitive scene is established from the start. As punters pick their favorite team, more commitment and attentiveness are essential in maintaining team spirit. 

Tournaments and Championships

As more players express their interest in CS:GO, the game developers invest more time and resources into professional events. CS:GO has one of the largest numbers of events that interest punters from all over the world. Live and past matches can be wagered on GGBet through a wide range of markets and odds.  

Betting Advice

You can quickly become a successful eSports bettor by following a standard wagering system. Through an extensive trial and error process, we have outlined the top betting advice that you can surely rely on:

Study the Main Match Strategies 

Numerous strategies have been developed by experts and cyber players over the years. Explore the full range of tactics to improve your betting skills without experience. 

Know Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Along with general strategies, an in-depth analysis of popular CS:GO teams can be found on many reliable sites. Find out about the strengths and weaknesses of each player to predict how they will perform in different settings. 

Pick your Market Wisely

CS:GO-specific markets include popular markets commonly used in eSports betting schemes. Round handicap, match handicap, round, and map winner are the top options for general match wagering. At the same time, certain teams play better or choose strategies that align with specific markets. Make sure to consider this factor when placing your bet. 

Use Bonuses 

GGBet offers an impressive collection of bonuses and promotions for eSports fans. Claim the welcome bonus, cashback, and free bets to get the ultimate wagering experience for minimal deposits! 

Analyze the Event Calendar 

CS:GO championships and tournaments are continuously broadcast on the platform. Check out the event calendar to optimally arrange your wagering and profit on big game days.  


The withdrawal of your winnings is a quick process on the platform. The guide below highlights the whole procedure in a few steps:

Enter Your Account Information

Enter your username and password to access your account on the betting platform.

Go to the Withdrawal Section

It is the point at which the withdrawal procedure will begin.

Choose a Withdrawal Method

Choose your preferred method of withdrawal from the list of options. Recall that the same procedure must be followed for the deposit.

Enter Your Withdrawal Information

Put in the amount you want to take out. Each transaction has a minimum of 0.5 USD and a maximum of 9,000 USD.

Verify the Withdrawal

Examine the withdrawal information, such as the amount and the chosen withdrawal method. Confirm your satisfaction by approving the withdrawal request.

Get Paid

You will receive the funds as soon as the betting platform processes the withdrawal. It will take one to thirty days, depending on the amount but usually they are done in mere seconds.

Final Words

GGbet Final Words

CS:GO is a leading shooter game that has maintained its spot on the eSports leaderboard for many reasons. Bettors of any skill can readily appreciate the fast-paced competitive game. Many events are arranged to bring players and punters together for an unforgettable match. Explore the impressive CS:GO section on GGBet to gain maximum benefit from the game.

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GGbet: the best eSports coverage in whole of Kenya!
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What is a CS:GO bet?
It is a wager that can be placed on any CS:GO event, live or upcoming matches.
Is CS:GO betting legal?
The legality of CS:GO betting depends on the wagering platform. GGBet is licensed under Curacao and provides legal services.
Is CS:GO easy to bet on?
The game is easy to bet on as long as you are familiar with the rules, main teams, markets, and strategies.
Can you make money betting on CS:GO?
Yes! Punters can make real money from the game by following an effective betting plan.

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