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GGBET eSports in Kenya

If you are searching for a bookmaker specializing mostly in eSports, GGBet might be your best choice. While the platform also offers traditional sports, GGbet’s primary focus is on eSports betting.

It’s time for us to discover why the platform has become one of the industry’s most well-known brands since it opened its doors for punters in 2016.

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GGBet Short Review

GGBet Short Review

GGBet is an excellent choice for eSports lovers. The company strives to build a user-friendly and practical eSports betting platform that covers all of the world’s major competitions and events. On GGBet, you can always find the newest games, along with some of the best odds and betting choices. GGBet also provides a top-notch customer support program. There are several methods to get in touch with the customer support team. You can contact the GGBet support team via phone, email, or live chat. 

For more information about the platform, check our thorough review of GGBet Kenya.

GGBet as the Best Choice for Betting on eSports

GGBet is a customized eSports bookmaker that offers coverage for all of the main games and markets. It was founded in August 2016 and is still a well-liked option among Kenyan punters. GGBet accepts wagers on the most popular games, including League of Legends, Smite, Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many more.

To help you decide if betting with GGBet is the best option for your eSports wagering, this review will share all the facts about the bookie you need to know.

GGBet eSports Betting Markets

It’s simple to find what you’re looking for on GGBet because it offers a wide selection of eSports markets, whether you’re looking to bet on CS:GO or another sport. It’s simple to get started because the home page allows you to access all the games directly. GGBet offers far more options than other bookmakers since it is focused on eSports. Although many bookmakers provide eSports betting in addition to other sports like basketball, football, horse racing, tennis, and so forth, their selection is significantly more scarce. Below are some of the most popular GGBet betting markets for eSports.


A very basic type of betting market called Outright allows you to guess which player or team will win a league or tournament. It’s comparable to placing a preseason wager on which team will win the World Series or the Premier League.

Match Winner

Anyone who has bet on sports in the past is familiar with this very basic form of eSports betting type. Match Winner is a betting market that requires you to forecast which eSports team will win the match.

Map Winner

Map Winner wagers are common, particularly when wagering on League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO tournaments. This betting market requires predicting which team will win a specified map.

First Blood/Kill

First Blood/Kill is one of the most well-liked eSports wagers you can make at GGBet. That entails guessing which team will be the first to kill or draw blood.

Available Games

GGBet Available Games

eSports are online competitions for video games where competitors can be professionals or amateurs. Here is where GGBet excels the most; with GGBet, you can wager on more than 15 distinct video games.

Dota 2

Globally, Dota 2 stands as the most widely played competitive eSports game. The game was developed in 2013 by Valve Corporation. Each team made up of five players, plays matches against the other, occupying and defending a different base on the map. With Dota 2, you can place a wager in different markets. Betting on this game can be very exciting. GGBet Dota 2 is one of the most popular games on GGBet.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Counter-Strike is a straightforward game to learn. The fundamental idea is that two five-player teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, engage in combat over a small map in an attempt to plant or defuse a bomb. Money is a reward for actions in the game, which has its own in-game currency. Strategy and cooperation can mean the difference between winning and losing when better weapons are more expensive and hard to afford.

Since professional play started in 2012, the number and popularity of tournaments have increased. Professional teams from all over the world compete in CS:GO major events like DreamHack and ESL One, which happen just a few times a year and offer prize money exceeding USD 1,000,000. These competitions coexist with “minor” events, where winners take home more than USD 250,000. GGBet CS:GO provides coverage of both major and minor tournaments.

League of Legends (LoL)

In League of Legends, also referred to as LoL, a multiplayer strategy game of magic and maneuvering, two teams of five players compete to destroy the opponent’s base. Major and minor leagues are played across continents in this free-to-play game for pros and amateurs alike, culminating in a month-long World Championship for the best.

You can’t go wrong with the GGBet LoL betting service. This site has excellent League of Legends coverage, and its odds are often among the best available.

All of this, combined with features like live streaming and huge bonuses, will make it clear why we urge LoL fans to register for an account at GGBet and start placing bets ASAP!

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2I is one of the most popular and addictive real-time strategy games. Each player selects a race before facing the opponent one-on-one in a sci-fi battle.

Users can construct workshops and other structures, assemble infantry, and send tanks and other vehicles to attack the opponent by clicking around the map. Assembling and leading an army and destroying the enemy’s base is the aim of the game. Asia was the first to witness the rise in popularity of StarCraft II, with professional players reportedly logging 500 or 600 actions in a minute.


In the world of eSports, Smite is a well-liked multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). In the video game Smite, created and released by Hi-Rez Studios, users can take on the roles of gods from several different pantheons, such as Greek, Roman, Norse, Hindu, and Egyptian. The goal of the game is for players to cooperate to use skill, strategy, and teamwork to destroy the base of the other team.

Played in a third-person perspective, Smite is a fast-paced game where players work together to destroy enemy defense systems, capture objectives, and conquer enemy gods.

The game has many different playable characters, each with special skills, advantages, and disadvantages. Five-player teams engage in a five-on-five match where the aim of the game is to destroy the enemy’s base situated at the other end of the map.

GGBet eSports Tournament Schedule

To see the schedule of all the upcoming tournaments, open the GGBets website and select “Tournaments.” The bookie updates this schedule on a regular basis and lists all the rules and prerequisites of the contests, including the prize pool, the terms and conditions, and the minimum stake for participants.

GGBet eSports Promotions

GGBet usually offers a number of promotions for different types of sports and eSports. Always check for the validity dates of the offers listed on the website since the bookie does not delete outdated promotions from the bonus page. Usually, GGBet promo and bonus deals are valid for 2-3 weeks only. To check for available bonuses and promo offers, open the “Bonuses” and “Promotions” sections in the menu.

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Mobile Betting

Mobile options offered by GGBet are excellent. If you have a smartphone, you can download the GGBet app, which is available for Android and iPhone users. The mobile version of the website loads quickly and functions well on mobile devices, presenting it in a format that is easier to navigate. 


Below are the pros of betting on eSports on GGBet:

  • User-friendly and robust platform
  • Great choice of games and betting markets
  • Access to all major and most of the minor eSports tournaments
  • Statistical tool available
  • Loads of bonuses and promotions
  • Several payment methods
  • Helpful and efficient customer support

Top Options for Betting

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2 are the top eSports for betting. These eSports games offer competitive odds and a variety of markets.

Success Secrets

Once you get used to eSports, betting on them will seem no different from traditional sports betting. This is because eSports betting is similar to horse racing, soccer, or basketball.

So, how can one place an eSports wager and win it? It is identical to placing and winning a conventional wager! Make sure the eSports odds are appropriate for you by selecting the eSports betting market of your choice.

The main benefit of eSports betting is that it’s more interactive, thanks to social media, live streaming, communities, stats, and more from the top eSports bookmakers, all of which contribute to the fantastic betting experience. Of course, GGBet is one of them!

Top Strategies and Tactics 

Below, we list some tactics and tips that might help you boost your winnings.

Know the Algorithm

Typically, all it takes to place a bet is a click on the odds you want to add to your betting slip. Next, you need to determine how much money you want to risk on your eSports wager. The majority of betting slips will compute your possible winnings for you automatically. After selecting the “Place bet” icon, all you have to do is relax and wait for the results of your winning wager to appear.

Go for Live Betting

While it’s okay to wager on an eSports match prior to its start, more and more gamblers decide that live betting is the way to go. You can adjust your betting tactics in response to the shifting odds of the in-play betting markets and experience the thrill of hitting a winning wager at the last minute by following the events as they are unraveling on-screen on a streaming platform like Twitch. Remember that GGBet offers an integrated live Twitch stream to enhance your live bets.

Wait for Popular Tournaments to Get Better Odds

The bookies are always most interested in big eSports events like DreamHack and The International. Furthermore, as gambling sites strive to offer a wider range of betting options, increased competition means that you will be in a better position to benefit from better odds. Therefore, while betting on minor eSports competitions is always a wise move, the bookies offer better odds on major tournaments. Additionally, you’ll discover that there are more reliable eSports betting recommendations as well as more betting markets for the major gaming tournaments.

Follow eSports Tipsters

Thoroughly researching eSports events is the best way to improve your chances of making likely bets. In addition to utilizing the data offered by sportsbooks, pay attention to eSports tipsters and their knowledgeable forecasts. To forecast a likely result, eSports tipsters typically conduct an in-depth analysis of the games and markets. Most of the time, their predictions turn out to be accurate.

Keep Track of Your Bets

Ensure that you maintain a record of your wagers. You can use the information to determine your advantages and weaknesses regarding eSports betting. Researching certain eSports events will also be easier as a result. Ultimately, you’ll be able to distinguish between profitable and unsuccessful betting strategies. Make sure the information is detailed so that record tracking is simple. For example, it comprises all of your wagers — wins, draws, and losses — for each event.

How to Use Bonuses and Promo Codes to Maximize Profits

  • Choose wisely. Before applying for a bonus or a promo code, read the terms and conditions of your desired offer. They can be quite binding and strict. If you cannot comply with the rules of the bonus offer, it’s better not to claim it at all.
  • Safety matters. If you are using promo codes from outside sources, only use reputable resources to get a code.
  • And the main tip: do not forget to gamble responsibly.
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GGBet Conclusion 

As you can see from our review, GGBet is a fantastic destination for placing eSports bets. The company provides a wide range of virtual sports to bet on and develops engaging promos that enhance bettors’ betting experience. League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO are the most well-liked eSports on the platform; however, the bookie can boast other attractive betting options. Our tutorial will help you bet safely on GGBet and boost your profits to the moon.


What types of eSports games are available for betting on GGbet in Kenya?
GGbet offers 15 games, including Dota 2, Leagues of Legends, and StarCraft 2.
How can I get a bonus on GGbet for new players in the eSports section?
Open the website and select the section “Bonuses.” Filter eSports bonuses and check if a welcome bonus for eSports is available. Before applying for a bonus, read its terms and conditions.
Which popular tournaments and leagues does GGbet support for betting on eSports events?
GGBet supports all the major tournaments for popular games such as FIFA, Dota 2, CS:GO, StarCraft 2, King of Glory, King of Duty, World of Tanks, just to name a few.
Does GGbet have a mobile app for convenient betting on eSports events?
Yes, GGBet offers a neat and smooth app that you can download on your smartphone hassle-free.
What strategies and tips does GGbet provide for successful eSports betting in Kenya?

You can read some of the tips in the review above. On GGBet, you can read the description of your desired game and decide whether it fits you. Here are a couple of tips from the bookie:

  • Place bets on the games you usually play. If you are a regular punter of a certain eSport, you most likely have a thorough understanding of the game. With this specific knowledge, you can accurately forecast match results.
  • Avoid placing big bets. Even the most skilled eSports punters have gone broke by wagering too aggressively. Start small.
  • Explore available bonuses! GGBet never stops offering incredible promos and bonuses to both new and returning customers. These bonuses allow you to wager with GGBet funds and potentially win real money.

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