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How to Place a Bet on Sportybet?

SportyBet is an African platform with Nigerian origins popular across the whole continent, Kenya included. There are many reasons for the bookmaker’s popularity, mainly its ease of use and the number of features and sports provided.

This article aims to describe the betting process at SportyBet. We will review the ways to place a wager, the requirements and types of bets, as well as provide some tips to improve your skill. Enjoy the read!

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What You Should Know About SportyBet

What You Should Know About SportyBet

If you plan on joining the platform and learning how to bet on SportyBet, some things are better to know beforehand. As always, there are certain prerequisites, but thankfully, most of those at SportyBet are pretty much standard and won’t surprise any punter with experience. Let’s take a closer look.

Main Rules and Conditions

In order to make an account on SportyBet, you must be at least 18 years old. It’s the minimum legal age for betting in most countries, including Kenya. You’re also required to provide correct personal information.

Limits and Charges

There are certain limits in place. The minimum stake is 1 KES, and the maximum is 500,000 KES. The latter is also applied for multiple bets or tickets. The maximum winning per game is 6,000,000 KES, and the daily limit is 15,000,000 KES per user.

The minimum deposit sum is 50 KES; the upper limit isn’t specified anywhere, but judging by the ranges offered in other markets, it must be higher than 2,000,000 KES. There are no deposit charges.

The smallest withdrawal amount isn’t mentioned, but it’s certainly greater than 100 KES. The maximum limit is 70,000 KES. There are no charges for sums larger than 500 KES, but for the smallest ones, there’s a 15 KES service fee.

Verifying and Taxes

There’s a validation process that is to be expected from any popular platform. The company may ask you to send documents proving your identity or an address. For example, an ID or international passport. A driver’s license will suffice in the majority of cases. For an address, you can send a utility bill or any similar paper.

Your winnings are taxable, but the company deducts the sum on its own. The breakdown is usually shown on the bet slip, so you will have an understanding of how everything works.

Main Types of Bets

Main Types of Bets Sportybets

There are several main types of bets, that can be mainly summed up as single and multiple ones. The multibets have various subtypes. The paragraphs below will provide a brief description of each kind.

Single Bеt

This is the most simple and straightforward bet. It features only one wager on one event. It’s easy to calculate your winning for this kind: you just multiply the stake amount by the odds. We’ll talk about the placement of this bet more specifically in the next section, as it’s the most widespread type.

Multiple Bet

Also called a “multibet.” It simply means that you can pick several odds for various games, sports, and events. If one selection doesn’t win, then your multiple bet is lost. This kind of wager is common on SportyBet, and the platform even offers some bonuses for the players who bet this way.

System Bet

System bet is a kind of multiple bet. But one important difference sets it apart from others: if some of your selections lose, you can still win the whole bet. This significantly reduces your risks making it more attractive for less experienced punters.

How to Place a Simple Single Bet

How to Place a Simple Single Bet Sportybet

Wagering on the platform is as straightforward as it gets. Let’s check the steps required to place a single bet: the simplest possible variant. Here, we will cover the main way to wager: by using the desktop website. Alternatively, you can also bet via SMS or with the help of a mobile application offered for iOS and Android.

Open up SportyBet Kenya
Make sure it’s the correct address: https://www.sportybet.com/ke/ And then Log in.
Click the “Sports” or “Live” Tab
They will provide a list of disciplines you can bet on. The “Live” tab includes only the events offered for in-game wagering. This means that you can place your bets during the events.
Select the Sport and Click on It
The most popular events already occupy the majority of the screen; they’re called “Highlights.” If you’re not interested in any, click on the discipline you’re planning to bet on and find the event you’re interested in.
Click on the Odds
They will become visible next to the event. You can switch between tabs depending on what type of betting market you’re planning to bet on. After clicking on the odds, the bet slip will appear.
Enter the Stake Amount
The bet slip will appear on the right side of the screen. It will include all of the needed information about your possible win, and now you just have to enter the sum you’re planning to stake. The minimum is just 1 KES. You can also click on other odds, and the betslip will automatically include the options for multiple and system bets. This will be covered in other paragraphs below.
Click the “Place Bet” Button
This is the final step you have to go through in order to place a bet. You can also click the “Book Bet” button. It will generate a SportyBet booking code for your bet that you can use for various purposes, such as having quick access to your wager or providing it in a physical shop.

Tips for Winning a Bet

Sportybet Tips for Winning a Bet

Wagering is an activity that’s both luck- and skill-based. While many things happen at random, there are many things that can increase your chances of winning. Below we will list some tips that will help you improve at betting. Let’s start.

Learn More About Betting and Your Preferred Sport

Understanding how betting works can be crucial. Getting more familiar with the discipline you’re betting on is obviously beneficial. Some games have simple rules, but that doesn’t make predicting them easier.

Keep Up With Recent Events

Things might change in the sport quicker than you’d expect them to. A team that had impressive results a year ago can have mediocre results this season and vice versa. The same goes for players. Understanding current lineups and the situation can help tremendously.

Follow the Experts

Listening to professionals can be very beneficial. Many serious punters share their knowledge online, and you can use that to improve your understanding of the game and even receive some recommendations this way.

Reading online discussions can also help. A lot of professional players will argue with each other or agree on certain outcomes, so you can consider different points of view.

Plan Your Budget

Or even better, set aside a certain amount that will go solely to betting. This activity can get quite expensive, especially if it’s an everyday one, so it’s better to limit your spending. This way, you can also learn how much money betting would ideally require in your case.

Track Your Betting History

This will help you understand things you’re good at, as well as moments that aren’t your strong suit. Paying attention to your betting history simplifies analyzing your skills and finding areas to improve. We would say that this is the most important point and is crucial if you want to win more often.

How to Conveniently Withdraw Your Winnings From SportyBet

How to Conveniently Withdraw Your Winnings From SportyBet

We’ve already covered many things related to the betting process and even provided tips on how to win. Now it’s time to understand how to withdraw your funds from the platform. As with many betting services, the number of offered payment solutions differs from country to country.

The only way to withdraw money from SportyBet in Kenya is through M-Pesa. Thankfully, this payment system is prevalent across the country, so the chance that a local punter already has an account isn’t small. Making one is also quite easy.

The money will be sent to your M-Pesa account, which has the same number that you’ve registered with on SportyBet. Make sure that they match.


SportyBet is popular for wagering, and thankfully, the platform makes this process incredibly simple. You can easily pick your selections, place single, multiple, and system bets, and easily withdraw your funds with the help of a commonly used mobile payment system called M-Pesa.

We hope that our text can be useful for your needs. It can help you decide whether to join the platform as well as get a better understanding of the betting process at the bookmaker after registration. If you want to learn more about SportyBet platform, we have other articles covering various aspects of the platform and a main review.


Which bank does SportyBet use?
Bank transfers aren’t currently offered for transferring funds to or from SportyBet in Kenya. The only way to do so is by using M-Pesa.
How much can you withdraw from Sportybet?
70,000 KES seems to be the upper withdrawing limit per transaction. Thankfully, the sum is large enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of punters, although it might be a bit too small for successful professionals. On the other hand, nothing can stop you from making withdrawing funds an everyday activity.
How fast is SportyBet payout?
The withdrawals are usually processed instantly. If yours takes a long time, please contact customer care service.
In which countries is SportyBet available?
The platform offers its services in many countries across the African continent. It was founded in Nigeria and still operates over there. Other countries include Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, and Zambia.
Which app can I use to fund my SportyBet account?
You have to use M-Pesa, a mobile money provider, in order to deposit money into your account. You can also use it to withdraw your funds.
Is there an app to check a ticket ID?
No, any program claiming to be a SportyBet ticket ID checker is a scam. You can check it by using the SMS service. We have a separate article on the matter.
Can I bet on Virtuals?
Yes, such an option is offered on the platform, and there are many games to put your wager on. If you want to know how to win SportyBet virtual games, we have a separate article on the matter.
Does the platform offer a mobile app?
Yes, there is a dedicated SportyBet app with versions for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the latter only exists as an APK file that can’t be downloaded directly from the platform’s website. We hope that it will be offered at Google Play in the future.
Is it difficult to join the service?
No, the SportyBet signup procedure is impressively simple and can be completed in a couple of minutes. If you want to learn more about signing up and authentication processes on the platform, read our article.
Who owns SportyBet?
The company behind the platform is called Sporty Group. It was founded by Sudeep Dalamai Ramnani, who is still the CEO and the owner of SportyBet, in Nigeria in 2013.
Is there customer support?
Yes, the customer care of SportyBet provides a high level of service and is always ready to help clients.

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