How to Register for a Sportybet Account?

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21 August, 2023 (updated 20 May, 2024)
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Making an account on a platform is how a bettor’s journey usually starts. The options for registration might vary, with some services providing only the ability to join the platform by providing your phone number or email, while others will ask you to go through a long and extensive procedure, requiring a newcomer to enter a lot of information during the initial stage. Some bookmakers may offer additional options, such as registering via social networks.

Our article will be entirely focused on the registration and authentication processes at SportyBet. This Nigeria-based platform has been on the market for many years and has quickly become popular across the whole region, including Kenya. It offers many useful features, including a large list of sports and useful well-made mobile apps for both iOS and Android. In this text, we will provide guides covering how to join SportyBet Kenya as well as review possible issues one might encounter during the registration procedure.

Why Should One Join SportyBet?

Why Should One Join SportyBet?

With how fierce the competition among betting platforms now can be, one might wonder why they should make an account on this bookmaker. Our main answer would be that the platform is full of several features and is essentially an all-in-one betting service. We also think that it’s too easy to sign up for SportyBet. But let’s take a closer look at what the platform offers.

Many Sports to Bet on

SportyBet provides a sizable list of disciplines to wager on. It might not compare with the offers of the largest betting platforms, but it will be more than enough for the majority of Kenyan punters. There are popular games such as football, volleyball, and tennis, as well as less common ones like cricket, snooker, and futsal. The eSports options mainly consist of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike.

Live Betting

Wagering on the events as they happen is a feature offered by some bookmakers.  SportyBet is among them. While offering a more thrilling experience, live betting provides constantly changing odds and more emotions to the players when compared to regular wagering.

Mobile Apps

Smartphones are a big part of modern life. The ability to have access to your preferred service from anywhere can be vital. Bookmakers can be such services; that’s why the majority of modern betting platforms offer a mobile application. SportyBet provides an app for iOS and Android. It’s well-designed, looks nice, it is easy to download and use and offers a complete set of features.

SportyBet Registration Process on the Website

SportyBet Registration Process on the Website

Making an account on SportyBet online by using the desktop website is a quick and easy process. In the paragraphs below, we will look at the required steps in a greater level of detail.

Open SportyBet Kenya
Go online and make sure you visit – that’s the correct address. It can be found “Register” Button on the top right corner of the screen. The button isn’t big, but noticing it shouldn’t become a problem.
Enter Your Data
One of the fields will ask you to provide your mobile number. The next field will ask you to set the password. There are some requirements: it has to be longer than eight symbols and include at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter.
Press the “Create Account” Button
By doing so, you automatically agree to the platform’s Terms and Conditions. This way, you also confirm that you’re at least 18 years old.
Confirm the One-Time Password
It will be sent to your number and will consist of six digits. Enter it, and now you can use the platform.
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Registration in the App

SportyBet Registration in the App

If you want to create an account using the mobile application, then the process is quite similar. It’s also incredibly straightforward as well. Here are the steps you have to take to join the platform by using the mobile app.

Open the App
The program is offered for both iOS and Android, so you can easily get it for your device. Simply open it after the installation.
Tap the “Join Now” Button
You can find it on the top right part of the screen. It’s located next to the “Log in” button.
Enter Your Phone Number And Set the Password
The country code is already selected after you set your location preference. For Kenya, it’s +254. Now you have to enter your phone number. It should be a valid one. After you’ve provided your phone number, click “Next,” and you will see the field asking you to create a password. The requirements are the same as in the desktop version: over eight symbols, at least one of each: a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter, and a digit.
Confirm the One-Time Password

Other Possible Registration Methods

Other Possible Registration Methods Sportybet

Some bookmakers offer additional registration methods: by SMS or USSD code, or even by using third-party websites such as social networking services. Let’s see what SportyBet Kenya offers.

How to Join SportyBet via SMS

You can create your account on the platform via SMS. This method works great if you can’t go online or don’t own a smartphone. Simply send a message containing the word “signup” to the number 29123. You will receive the instructions needed as well as the password.

One thing worth mentioning is that apart from “signup,” you can alternatively send the word “register” or “accept” to that number for the same effect.

How to Log In

How to Log In Sportybet

Authentication for existing users is also fairly straightforward. It usually goes without issues and can be completed in seconds. Let’s check how to sign in.

How to Log In
Open Up SportyBet Kenya
Visit the website for Kenya. The address should be
Type In Your Phone Number and Enter the Password
Locate the “Mobile Number” field on the top right part of the page. Enter the valid number that you’ve registered with. There’s the “Password” field to the right of the “Mobile Number” one. Enter it, and that’s the last thing to type in during the authentication procedure.
Click the “Log in” Button
The button is located close to the fields and the “Register” one. Just click it, and you successfully logged in! Congratulations!

How to Recover a Password

How to Recover a Password Sportybet

If you forgot your password or need to reset it for one reason or another, such as after the SMS registration, then the platform provides a straightforward way to recover it. Here are the steps:

How to Recover a Password
Open the SportyBet Platform
Visit the website. Under the “Mobile Number” and “Registration” fields, you can locate the “Already using SportyBet via SMS? Forgot Password?” button. Click on it.
Type In Your Data
You will be asked for your phone number; Provide it.
Restore Your Password
Confirm the One-Time Password. You will receive new details. All done.

Possible Issues Regarding Sign-Up and Authentication

Possible Issues Regarding Sign-Up and Authentication Sportybet

You can encounter some issues during the registration or authentication processes. Those are rare and usually easily fixable, but let’s take a look at them.

The Credentials are Invalid

This error message usually occurs if the information you provided during logging in is incorrect. Check it and then try again. If everything seems to be right, but the message still appears, try to contact customer care. Maybe there are server-side issues with the bookmaker.

The Website Doesn’t Log Me in

If you’ve provided correct information and no error message has occurred, but the website still doesn’t sign you in, then it’s most likely to be a server-side issue. Take a break and wait for a few minutes. Search for the website to mention any maintenance works. Check if you’re online and test your Internet connection. Contact customer support if the issue doesn’t resolve itself.


SportyBet is an actively used platform in Africa, including Kenya. With its impressive number of features and a good selection of sports, the bookmaker attracts various kinds of punters. Thanks to its simple registration procedure, joining the platform is as easy as it gets. Logging in and password recovery can also be usually done without any issues.

We hope that the information provided in our article can be useful to those who have doubts about joining the platform. While the registration procedure on the majority of platforms is usually incredibly easy, it can be much more complicated on other websites. Thankfully, that’s not the case with SportyBet: you can create your account in less than two minutes and start enjoying the platform’s capabilities.

If you want to read more about SportyBet Kenya, we have other articles covering the platform: there’s the main review and separate texts on various aspects of the bookmaker.


How do I use my bonus to bet?
You can get your first deposit matched and receive the funds. Then you have to wager them by simply placing bets.
What is the bonus code for SportyBet?
Since there’s a SportyBet affiliate program in place, you can easily find referral promo codes on Google.
Can you win money on SportyBet apps?
Yes, the platform is legit, and so are its applications for iOS and Android. You can use either to have access to all of the betting features provided by the bookmaker and win money.
How do I download the real SportyBet app?
The SportyBet app for Android is offered on the official website as an APK file. The iOS version can be found in the App Store. We don’t recommend downloading from third-party websites since you can easily run into scams.
What countries is SportyBet available in?
The service is offered in many countries of the African continent. The list of such places includes Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. The bookmaker also operates in Nigeria, its home country, and Kenya.
Is there a company behind SportyBet?
Yes, it’s called Sporty Group. Its CEO is Sudeep Dalamai Ramnani, who founded the bookmaker in 2013 and is technically the SportyBet owner.

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