How to Deposit Money to Your SportyBet Account

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The website stopped working in Kenya in 2023. At the moment, it is unfortunately unavailable for Kenyan bettors.
23 August, 2023 (updated 20 May, 2024)
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Knowing how to top up your balance at the betting platform is incredibly important. The reasons are apparent: wagering usually involves spending a certain amount. Sure, free bets and various bonuses exist, but even those typically involve depositing some funds first.

Our article will cover how to top up your balance on SportyBet, a famous African bookmaker in Kenya. Over the years, this platform has attracted a broad audience of punters by providing many useful features, a decently sized list of sports, good odds, and versatile betting options. We will also look at possible issues that might emerge during the process and cover other depositing-related things. Let’s go!

Existing Deposit Methods

Sportybet Existing Deposit Methods

SportyBet is an international platform operating in several African countries. As expected, it provides different options for some markets. Since our article is focused on Kenya, we will review what is provided for the punters in the country. Let’s see how to deposit money into Sportybet.

SportyBet Deposit Methods Table

Unfortunately for some, M-Pesa, a well-known African mobile payment solution, is the only deposit method for Kenyan players. The table below makes it quite clear.

Direct bank transferNo

Detailed Guides on How to Add Money to Your Account at SportyBet

Detailed Guides on How to Add Money to Your Account at SportyBet

The paragraphs below will include depositing guides that cover all of the steps needed to recharge one’s account balance at SportyBet. So let’s check them out.

Using M-Pesa

So far, M-Pesa is the only payment solution currently offered for SportyBet in Kenya. However, there’s good news, too: the service is top-rated across the African continent, particularly in Kenya, so most punters in the country will likely be okay with the option. Nevertheless, we still hope to see more methods in the future.

It’s important to note that depositing from M-Pesa moves the funds to the SportyBet account registered on the same phone number your M-Pesa account uses. Make sure that they match each other.

Select “Payment Services” in the M-Pesa Menu

After opening the M-Pesa menu. You have to go to “Payment Services.” Doing so will allow you to choose various ways to transfer the funds. 

Select “Paybill”

Selecting it will allow you to enter information about the recipient of your funds. In this case, it will be the SportyBet platform. More on that in the following steps.

Enter the “202202” Business Number and “SPORTYBET” Account Name

This way, you’ll ensure that the funds will be transferred to this wagering platform.

Type In the Amount

Enter the sum you want to deposit in your betting account. The minimum is just 50 KES.

Input Your M-Pesa Pin

After doing so, you must confirm the transactions. Now the service will transfer your funds to the account at SportyBet.

Receive the SMS Message Confirming the Transaction

This is the last part of the process. Now everything’s done, your money has been transferred from your M-Pesa account.

Other Possible Ways to Deposit Money

Other Possible Ways to Deposit Money at Sportybet

While M-Pesa might be the only payment method, there are still various approaches one can take to add money. Let’s take a look at them.

SMS Deposit

If you have an M-Pesa account, you can deposit your funds without opening the payment system’s menu. Instead, you can just send an SMS to recharge your balance. Here are the steps:

  1. Write an SMS message containing “deposit#[deposit amount],” where [deposit amount] is just a number that matches the sum you plan on depositing in KES. For example, “deposit#2000” means you want to deposit 2,000 KES.
  2. Send it to 29123.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. In the end, you will receive a message from M-Pesa confirming the transaction.

Online Deposit

You can also deposit the funds by visiting the website. This method also uses the M-Pesa services for transferring funds, but things are handled differently. Here are the steps:

Online Deposit
Open the SportyBet Platform
Go to SportyBet. Log into your account.. Click on the “My Account” tab. Select “Deposit” from the drop-down menu.
Insert Your Data
Enter the amount. Click “Top Up Now.” Enter your M-Pesa pin.
Complete the Operation
Click “Completed.” All done.
BC logo
Go to SportyBet and Get a Bonus

What to Do if Something Goes Wrong

What to Do if Something Goes Wrong Sportybet

Obviously, it’s possible to encounter issues during depositing at various stages of the procedure. In the paragraphs below, we will take a look at some of them.

Transaction Takes Too Long

Although the payments are processed instantly, they can sometimes take longer. First, enter the confirmation code to check whether the system registered you. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the balance button.
  3. Select “Transactions”.
  4. Click the “Fix Status?” button.
  5. You will receive the M-Pesa code.
  6. Wait for some time and see the funds added to your account.
  7. All done.

If the problem isn’t solved and the money hasn’t been added to your balance after several minutes, contact customer care.

Limits and Charges While Depositing

Limits and Charges While Depositing Sportybet

As always, certain limitations are applied for depositing and withdrawing. It’s to be expected since payment systems and wagering platforms sometimes cannot process an amount of money that’s too big. The lower limit is also essential.

All of the deposits are free of charge, which is quite lovely, albeit totally expected from an established platform such as SportyBet.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum amount for depositing is just 50 KES, which is low enough to try the platform without breaking the bank. The upper limit isn’t specified but is 150,000 KES.

There are withdrawal limits as well, even though they are not the focus of this article. The upper one is 150,000 KES per transaction. The lower one isn’t specified, but if you’re withdrawing less than 500 KES, you’ll be charged 15 KES. 

Deposit Times

The payments are processed nearly instantly, so you should generally receive your funds within minutes. If they’re taking too long, please contact customer care. The workers will assist you in solving the issue.


SportyBet is an all-in-one platform that tries to meet the needs of various audiences in several markets. Some Kenyan players can be disappointed that the service offers only a payment system to deposit money. On the other hand, this solution is M-Pesa, which is very actively used across the country, so chances are that the Kenyan punter or gambler already has an account on the system. And if not, joining M-Pesa is relatively easy. Moreover, SportyBet allows several approaches for using the service for depositing, and all of them are intuitive and easy to follow.

Our text covered everything related to transferring funds to a SportyBet account. We explained in detail the methods and approaches in detail, covered possible issues, and mentioned things one should know. We hope the article will be helpful for those thinking of joining the service, new users, and regulars. If you want to learn more about the platform, we have other articles, including the main SportyBet Kenya review.


How do I download the real SportyBet app?
The SportyBet application is offered for Android and iOS devices. The former isn’t provided on Google Play, but you can get it directly from the website as an APK file. The service workers load a new version from time to time, allowing you to update the Android app this way. The iPhone version can be found in the App Store.
What country is SportyBet available in?
SportyBet provides its services and holds local licenses in several African countries. The list includes Nigeria, which is where the platform originated, and places such as Kenya, Ghana, as well as Tanzania.
How do I set up my SportyBet account?
The SportyBet registration procedure is quite simple and straightforward. The platform doesn’t ask you for personal and financial details during the initial stage of the process. You just have to provide your phone number and come up with a password. We have a separate article on the matter that also covers other things related to the signup process.
Which bank supports SportyBet?
The bookmaker doesn’t support bank transfers in Kenya. In fact, the only existing method for payments and withdrawals is M-Pesa, a local mobile money provider.
How to withdraw money from the platform?
SportyBet withdrawal methods are the same that are offered for depositing. This means there’s only one of them: the M-Pesa payment provider. We have another article that covers the process of getting your funds in depth.
How do I wager?
Placing your bets on the website is relatively straightforward. It doesn’t take much time to do so. We have a separate article on the matter, covering how to wager on SportyBet.
Is there a helpline?
Yes, we have an article covering SportyBet customer care service. The service can be of great assistance to users experiencing issues or those who have questions.
Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, there’s one. And you can easily become a SportyBet partner. Read our other article if you want to learn more.

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