How to Withdraw Money from Sportybet?

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The website stopped working in Kenya in 2023. At the moment, it is unfortunately unavailable for Kenyan bettors.
24 August, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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SportyBet is a popular betting platform for various reasons. It provides everything a punter wants: an app for iOS and Android, flexible wagering options, a website packed with functions, and a decent selection of sports. There are even Jackpot features and virtual games. But what about receiving your funds from the platform?

No worries, our article will get you covered. We will review the withdrawal methods offered by the platform in Kenya, provide detailed guides on how to use them, and look at possible issues. Enjoy the read!

Existing Withdrawal Methods

Sportybet Existing Withdrawal Methods

So far, transferring the funds from the platform in Kenya is only possible via M-Pesa. Unfortunately, other solutions aren’t yet supported in this market. On the other hand, M-Pesa is among the most widely used payment systems in the country. So chances are, a Kenyan punter is already using this provider.

SportyBet Withdrawal Methods Table

As was already mentioned, you can only withdraw your funds via M-Pesa. We would’ve liked for more options to be offered, but it’s the only one. You can check that in the table below.

Withdrawal MethodAvailability
Bank transferNo

Guides on Withdrawing

Sportybet Guides on Withdrawing

If you plan to receive the funds from the platform, you must know what you’re doing. The paragraphs below will include the guides describing the steps needed to get the money. Keep on reading!

Guides on Withdrawing
Via the Website
The primary way to move your funds from the platform to your M-Pesa account is by visiting the website. Let’s take a look at the steps.
You have to sign into your account to move your funds. This is a simple process: just enter your phone number and the password. Now you’re ready for the next step.
Click on the “My Account” Tab and Select “Withdraw”
You can choose the “Withdraw” option from the drop-down menu.
Enter the Amount
Type in the sum you’re planning to withdraw. The maximum is 70,000 KES. If you plan to transfer less than 500 KES, be prepared to pay the 15 KES fee.
After confirmation, the sum will be added to your M-Pesa balance shortly after. The withdrawals are usually instant but might take longer in rare cases. You can always contact customer care if the processing takes too long.

The amount will be sent to the M-Pesa account connected to the same number that you used to register on SportyBet. Make sure that they match.

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Go to SportyBet and Get a Bonus

Other Ways to Withdraw Funds from SportyBet Kenya

Other Ways to Withdraw Funds from SportyBet Kenya

While M-Pesa is the only supported service, withdrawing from the website isn’t the only way to move the funds from SportyBet to your wallet. Let’s take a look at another one.


SportyBet is excellent at handling things just by sending an SMS. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that you can use the service to withdraw money. The solution allows you to transfer the funds even if you’re currently offline. Remember that, similarly to other methods, this solution will move the funds to your M-Pesa account. Here are the steps:

  1. Write an SMS message containing withdraw#[amount]”#[PIN code]. The “[amount]” includes the sum you plan to withdraw. The “[PIN code]” stands for your M-Pesa pin. For example: “withdraw#1000#2345”.
  2. Send the SMS message to 29123;
  3. You will receive an SMS from M-Pesa confirming your transaction.
  4. All done!

Withdrawal Limits and Charges

Sportybet Withdrawal Limits and Charges

As is expected, there are certain limits. While the smallest sum you can withdraw from the platform isn’t mentioned, it seems to be around 200 KES if we judge by what’s offered in other markets. The maximum withdrawal from SportyBet is 70,000 KES, which will be enough for most players.

Withdrawal Time

All withdrawals should be processed instantly or within a few minutes. This is quite impressive and puts the platform ahead of some competition. If your transaction takes longer to complete, contact customer care. 

How to Deal With Possible Issues

How to Deal With Possible Issues Sportybet

Sometimes, it’s possible to run into problems. Thankfully, these occasions are rare, and you can quickly get help, but they still happen. Below, we will explain how to deal with some of the issues you might encounter during the withdrawal process.

Transaction Takes Too Long

Most of the M-Pesa transactions are processed nearly instantly. Generally, you have to wait just a few minutes at most to receive your funds. But on rare occasions, the process might take way too long. Generally, the only thing you can do about it is to contact customer care; they will provide helpful tips and do their best to speed up the process. In the worst-case scenario, the withdrawal will take up to 24 hours.

Sent Money to the Wrong M-Pesa Account

As mentioned, the system will transfer the funds to the M-Pesa account, which shares the same phone number you used for registering at SportyBet. You’re the only person who has to ensure the numbers match. If they do, but you didn’t receive the funds, contact customer care.


SportyBet’s withdrawal methods offered for players in Kenya might be limited to M-Pesa. Still, the process is handled quickly, and there are at least two ways to approach it, including the SMS method, which is very useful when you’re offline or don’t own a smartphone. Moreover, M-Pesa is very popular in the country, being one of Kenya’s most widely used payment systems. Joining it is also simple, so this shouldn’t be an issue. 

Our article covered in detail everything one must know about withdrawing funds from SportyBet. We’ve explained the main methods to receive money from the platform in Kenya, provided guides, and even touched on possible issues. We hope that the article will be helpful to all players residing in the country: from those who are thinking of joining the platform to regular punters of the bookmaker. We also have other articles covering several aspects and functions of the platform, including the general SportyBet Kenya overview.


How do I deposit money into SportyBet via M-Pesa?
Similarly to withdrawing, deposit methods for SportyBet include only M-Pesa. There are two ways to do so: by using the service menu and via SMS. Both methods are covered in our separate article focused on SportyBet deposit methods.
What app can I use to control funds on my Sportybet account?
The SportyBet’s own app is offered for iOS and Android. The Android version only exists as an APK file you can download directly from the website. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone version can be found in the App Store.
What bank supports SportyBet?
Unfortunately, direct bank transfers aren’t offered to withdraw money from the platform. Currently, the only way to do so in Kenya is via M-Pesa.
How do I deposit money into my SportyBet account online?
You can do this either via SMS messages or by opening the M-Pesa menu. This payment system is used in both methods and is the only one supported by the platform in Kenya.
What is the maximum deposit for SportyBet?
The maximum deposit sum isn’t specified.
What is the maximum withdrawal?
The upper limit is 70,000 KES.
Is there a cashout option?
Yes, the SportyBet cashout feature is offered for all users. It allows them to receive the winnings before an event ends while the bet isn’t settled. This way, the players can cut their losses, reduce the risks and even turn some profit.
How do I join the bookmaker?
Signing up at the bookmaker is very straightforward. Generally, you just have to enter your valid phone number and create a password. There’s also an option to do so via SMS. We have a separate article covering the SportyBet sign-up process.
Are there bonuses?
Yes, you can receive a SportyBet bonus. Those are offered to the users from time to time. You can read more in our article dedicated to bonuses.
How do I place a wager?
Betting on the platform is very intuitive. The desktop website and mobile application interfaces make the process relatively easy. We have a separate article covering how to place bets on SportyBet. It also includes tips on improving your prediction skills.
Is there customer support service?
Yes, SportyBet customer support is offered to all platform users and operates around the clock. Read our article on the matter if you want to learn more.
Does SportyBet have an affiliate program?
If you meet specific requirements, you can quickly become a SportyBet partner or agent. If you want to know more, read our article covering the affiliate program and everything related. It also includes the list of requirements to become a bookmaker’s partner.
Who owns SportyBet?
The company behind the platform is called Sporty Group. It was founded by Sudeep Dalamai Ramnani in Nigeria in 2013. He’s the company’s SEO and SportyBet owner.
Does the platform have a Jackpot feature?
Yes, the SportyBet exclusive jackpot is offered for punters in Kenya. To take part, you have to place your predictions on 12 games selected each week. To win it, you have to guess all of them. But there are prizes for those who correctly predicted the outcomes of 10 and 11 games.
Is there a list of winners?
Yes, SportyBet Kenya winners are sometimes mentioned on the platform’s Facebook account. It includes the most impressive results, multibet winners, and successful Jackpot players.

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