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16 December, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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22Bet has not been on the Kenyan online betting market for a long time; however, this sportsbook has earned a great reputation among punters. And that is for a reason. The service always improves itself and finds new ways to attract new customers. 

Some features might be added, and some – removed. This sportsbook used to have an SMS betting option available, but at the moment, this method has been excluded. We tried to search for reliable information on why this has happened, but eventually we found nothing. However, there is still a stage where you would need to use SMS. But we are going to explain it later. Still, the service could be used without this SMS betting. And in today’s article, we are going to explain to you how!

22Bet Review

22Bet Review

Before we start describing how to operate on 22Bet, we have to point out a few crucial features that make this sportsbook stand out among the others. First of all, this bookie has a lot of sports and casino games available. And with the apps on both iOS and Android, it’s very convenient to have fun everywhere and whenever you want. To make the service even more versatile, 22Bet added the option to cash out the funds before the game is over. Punters from Kenya really trust this sportsbook because it has a local Kenyan license and is translated into Kiswahili. Now that we are familiar with the advantages of 22Bet, we may take a look at how to use the service correctly. 

How to Bet on 22Bet by SMS

How to Bet on 22Bet by SMS

To start using the service, you have to go through the conundrum of registration, verification, depositing, choosing a sports event, placing stakes, etc. But 22Bet has an intuitive UI, which is why all of these steps are easy and straightforward. If you are afraid of missing something, we provide instructions on how to do that.

Step 1: Create and Verify an Account

  1. Go to the official 22Bet website and click on the “Registration” button.
  2. Write down your phone number and the currency of your choice.
  3. Create a secure password and write it down somewhere because this is going to be essential information for you to log into the system.
  4. Click on the “Register” button.
  5. Receive a letter for verification via the email address you entered, and click on the link to verify your registration.
  6. Verify your phone number by entering an SMS code in the corresponding field of the website or application.

Step 2: Fund Your Account

  1. Go to the website and click on the “Deposit” button.
  2. Choose between M-Pesa or Airtel.
  3. Provide your payment details by entering a mobile number, specifying the amount of money that you want to deposit, and confirming the transaction.
  4. After a deposit request is sent, you receive your money immediately. In case nothing changes, contact the 22Bet support team.

Step 3: Select a Sporting Event 

As soon as you have created and verified your account and deposited money, you may start wagering! Luckily, 22Bet offers an impressive list of sports disciplines. Starting from well-known football or basketball to less popular keirin or snooker. 22Bet keeps pace with the times and offers eSports too, like CS:GO.

After you have chosen a discipline, you can select a sports event and start betting on it!

Step 4: Place a Bet

22Bet has a lot of types of bets. You can always choose an option that suits your preferences. Before we explain how to wager, we want to list the most commonly used sorts of bets available on 22Bet.

MoneylinesThis betting market includes predicting the outcome of the game: a win by the player of the team or a draw.
Over/UndersThis option allows you to place a bet on the limit of the total score of the game. Whether it will be over your prediction or under it For example, if you place a wager “Over 2.5,” it means that the winner must score at least 3 points.
HandicapA weaker team or player gets a virtual advantage over another. The system considers that they scored more points, making it more difficult for the other team to beat them.
Both teams scoringIt involves both teams scoring at least one goal each for the bet to win.
Correct ScoreThis betting market is for really advanced punters who can predict the exact score of the game. A person takes a lot of risks, which implies huge winnings as the odds are very high.

If you want to know how to bet on 22Bet, read our separate article and follow the instructions.

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Reasons for Deleting the SMS Betting

As we mentioned earlier, 22Bet doesn’t have an SMS betting method anymore. However, for some curious of you, we may explain how it used to function.

To place a bet using SMS, you have to send an SMS message to 22Bet, writing down the shortcode. The message had to include:

  • The bet code for the game you want to place a stake on.
  • The amount of money you want to wager with.
  • Your 22Bet account ID.

There were a lot of pros and cons to betting via SMS. Some people said that it was a very quick and easy way to place bets without having access to the Internet. 

Others insisted on the lack of functionality of this method, saying that it could take more time to process these operations. And there was a chance that your mobile network provider could charge you additional fees for sending SMS. People could use this option to make single, multi-bet, and other betting markets.

Admittedly, this was a very convenient option. However, we might guess that due to the high speed of the internet connection and the popularization of smartphones, a lot of punters started to use this option less frequently.

And the service considered this trend to be a reason for excluding this feature.


22bet Conclusion

As we may see, 22Bet is a legit star among online betting companies in Kenya. The crew does its best to exponentially increase the quality of the service. To do so, the company develops apps for different devices and adds new trendy kinds of disciplines like eSports and so on. However, we must admit that it is not possible to add new functionalities without excluding others. We think that by cutting down on SMS betting options, the service doesn’t miss much because punters have more access to a fast Internet connection.


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