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14 December, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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Beginners often make mistakes in betting due to simple ignorance of the basics. Indeed, as in any activity, it is essential to understand the sequence of actions and basic concepts from the beginning. The 22Bet platform offers excellent conditions for bettors, so in this review, we will describe the betting process in detail so that you can avoid annoying mistakes.

What You Need to Know About 22Bet Before Betting

What You Need to Know About 22Bet Before Betting

You can find detailed information in our detailed review of the 22Bet bookmaker

In this article, we will focus on the aspects of betting. The 22Bet website has simple and understandable functionality that even a beginner can understand. It lets you place bets with just a few mouse clicks or taps on your phone screen. You can select a sport on the main page, view the available betting options, and choose the most successful ones.

Main Terms and Conditions

Like all other bookmakers, 22Bet sets specific rules that users must comply with. Let’s list the main ones.

  • Users over 18 years of age can register and place wagers.
  • The system does not accept stakes from event participants and persons who can influence the outcome.
  • If the system detects dishonest use of an account, it may be blocked.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet from any person without giving reasons.
  • By placing a wager, the users confirm that they agree with the service’s rules.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, so please read them before registering and placing bets.

Limits and Commissions

The minimum stake on any event is $0.3 / €0.2 or its equivalent in local currency. The maximum link is calculated individually for different events and wager types. In this case, the maximum odds for a single bet are 200, and for an accumulator, 500.

Account Verification and Taxes

The bookmaker may request additional proof of identity by providing identification, utility bills, or other requested documents. Completing this procedure is necessary to withdraw funds and continue using the platform.

22Bet does not charge any commission to users. However, the local tax authorities in your country may have laws relating to winnings or capital gains that require you to pay tax on your winnings.

Note that you are responsible for complying with your country’s tax laws concerning any winnings or withdrawals you make.

How to Place a Single Bet: Beginners Guide

22bet How to Place a Single Bet: Beginners Guide

Single bets are the most straightforward option; many users start with them. Let’s see how to place them.

Step 1
Register on the platform, fill out all the requested information, and make a deposit.
Step 2
Go to the “Sports” or “Live” section (if you are interested in classic sports) or to the “eSports” page (for betting on computer game tournaments).
Step 3
Next, you must select the sport you are interested in and familiarize yourself with all the outcomes. After choosing the desired odds for the outcome, the wager goes into the coupon.
Step 4
Specify the stake amount, enter a promotional code for a free bet (if available), and select the account from which the money will be debited: main or bonus. All you have to do is check the information and confirm the wager.
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Main Definitions: Bet Types and Their Placement 

22bet Main Definitions: Bet Types and Their Placement

Before you start betting, knowing the differences between the different types of bets on the platform is essential.

Singlе Bеt

This view is intuitive for users and usually does not cause difficulties. You predict one outcome of one event. The winnings on a single bet are equal to the product of the stake amount and the odds set for the given outcome.

Multi Bеt

This type is more risky but allows you to win significant amounts. It is a wager on several independent outcomes of events. The winnings on an accumulator are equal to the product of the stake amount and the odds of all outcomes included in the ticket. A loss on one of the outcomes means a loss on the entire stake.

System Bet

This type is a combination of several batteries in one system. The winnings in the system are equal to the sum of the winnings in the accumulators included in the system. Thus, the system allows you to reduce risk, but this type is less profitable than the previous one.

Ways to Place Bets

22bet Ways to Place Bets

22Bet is focused on maximum user convenience, so you can wager differently. This helps you choose the most comfortable method.

On the Website

Fans of desktop devices can quickly and easily place a bet on the official 22Bet website. To do this, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Register or log in to your account. Make sure you have enough money in your account for the desired wager.
  2. Select the event you are interested in and click on it. All available markets and odds will open before you. Click on the desired option to add it to the bet slip.
  3. Enter the amount and carefully check the correctness of the information provided. After this, confirm your choice and wait for the event to complete.

In the App

The process of betting in the application is as described above. However, before that, you must install the program on your device. You can then log into the app, make a deposit, and place a bet.


Unfortunately, 22Bet does not currently provide such a function. This is a disadvantage because many Kenyan users prefer this method. You can read about reasons of that in the article on 22Bet SMS betting.

Tips on Successful Bets

22bet Tips on Successful Bets

Now, you know how to make a wager, but this is not enough for successful betting. You should also consider specific rules and tips to get the maximum benefits.

Collect Information

Firstly, you should only choose a sport that you know well. Then, select the tournament or league that is most familiar to you. It will allow you to concentrate as much as possible and become a real expert. Secondly, don’t limit yourself to studying statistics. Various factors can influence your outcome, so you must get information from different sources. For example, a newspaper article about conflict in a team will help you understand the coherence of the upcoming game.

Rely on Common Sense

There are many ready-made strategies and tips from cappers on the Internet. You shouldn’t trust them unquestioningly. There’s nothing wrong with using other people’s experiences and expert advice, but always filter the information and don’t make reckless wagers.

Use Financial Management

From the very beginning, choose a financial strategy and strictly follow it. It is essential to set a daily limit and stay within it. It will help maintain and increase your bankroll. Depending on the chosen strategy, distribute your finances so as to avoid becoming bankrupt on the first day.

Control Your Emotions

Betting can evoke a whole range of different emotions, and it is essential not to fall into either euphoria or despair. The fact is that in such a state, it is difficult to think sensibly and plan clearly. Betting can also be complicated by a strong attachment to one of the teams. It leads to a loss of objectivity and, accordingly, to incorrect decisions.

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22bet Conclusion

22Bet has a massive following in Kenya as it is a great betting platform. The service offers an excellent assortment and a wide variety of markets. Now you have all the necessary information and can successfully place bets on the 22Bet platform. Read the rules and start betting.


What is the minimum amount that I can bet at 22Bet?
The minimum amount of the stake is $0.3 or the equivalent amount in local currency.
How much is the maximum amount that I can win from 22Bet?
The maximum win per single wager is 100,000 euros. This limit determines the maximum available bid and can be changed by the system.
Can I place a bet at 22Bet using my smartphone?
The service considers the growing share of mobile users, so all functionality is available in a convenient mobile application. You can also place a bet there.

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