How to Register for an Odibet Account?


OdiBets is a Kenyan bookmaker and a living embodiment of simplicity and functionality. Services keep up with the times and prove that a user-friendly interface can get along with advanced technologies. Many Kenyan bettors call OdiBets their main wagering platform for daily use, meaning that it has something that attracts them more than international flashy sportsbooks. In this article, you will learn how to sign up for an OdiBets account and get started without any issues.

How to Register on OdiBets

OdiBets deeply cares for its customers and does not overload simple actions with unnecessary steps. So, if you made your mind up and decided to sign up for an account, here are your next steps:

  1. Navigate to OdiBets or run the app.
  2. Hit the “Join Now”.
  3. Fill out the required details, including contact phone number.
  4. Provide the code that was delivered to the specified phone number.
  5. To finally get started with wagering, fill out the account with additional details, like name and surname as they appear on the ID.
  6. Done!

Remember that only adults over 18 are allowed to create an account. The bookmaker has the right to ask you for an ID to verify your identity. Without providing the ID, or when skipping step #5, you won’t be able to take any winnings out.

There’s an option for registration via SMS as an alternative to online sign-up. All you have to do is to submit the word “ODI” to 29680. You will get a welcome message in return. You’re required to answer this message with the desired password. Then you will receive an SMS with your login to enter the platform.

Video guide. How to Register on OdiBets.

What Sports Can You Bet On

OdiBets is a legal Kenyan bookmaker that offers a modest spectrum of sporting disciplines like soccer, basketball, tennis, and ice hockey. Betting markets represent each sport well enough, so you will definitely find something that meets your interest. It’s pretty safe to say that the company provides its own unique features, since the bookmaker has a large playerbase of punters who enjoy gambling and know how to tell the good services from the bad ones.

Keep in mind that OdiBets does not support betting on eSports matches like Dota2, CS:GO, or League of Legends. It might seem awful, but if you look from another angle, you will see that this is a perfect environment for fans of soccer who prefer to be focused and would like to avoid distraction from flashy banners calling to place a bet.

Additionally, whenever you are tired of sports betting, OdiBets invites you to try your luck at online casinos. Various games and slots await for you to check them out. Remember to stick to the general rules of sports betting and gambling since it can be quite addictive.

Advantages of Betting on OdiBets

  • Well-designed, fast and optimized mobile app.
  • Large range of betting markets.
  • In-play wagering.
  • Lite version of the platform for wagering on mobile gadgets.
  • Creative and generous promotions for newcomers and exclusive perks for existing users.
  • Ability to track down your performance and analyze previous bets.
  • Customer service staff who are always ready to address your issue no matter how early or late.
  • Straightforward interface with a balance of functionality and simplicity.
  • Website does not consume heaps of internet traffic.

Disadvantages of Betting on OdiBets

  • Only an Android-based mobile application.
  • No eSports disciplines.
  • Only one payment option is M-PESA.
  • Focus on four core sports: soccer, tennis, ice hockey and basketball.


OdiBets is one of the most popular wagering platforms in Kenya that focuses on quality first. Although the company does not provide a large selection of sports, betting markets and lavish bonuses make up for it. The company has operated absolutely legally for almost five years and has never been close to the red line. So you don’t have to worry about your money, personal information, or digits on your bank cards. If you enjoy sports wagering and gambling just like millions of other Kenyan punters, ObiBets should definitely be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many accounts can one have with OdiBets?

One person is limited to having only one account.

  • How can I create an account for a mobile app?

You don’t have to create an additional account for a mobile app. Your main account can be used on both the website and the application.

  • How do I restore the password?

You can reset the password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login tab.

  • Why can’t I enter my account with the correct password?

If you are entirely sure about the password, your account might be suspended or banned for illegal activity or as a preventive measure. Either way, your solution here would be to contact the customer service staff for clarification.