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22 November, 2023 (updated 20 May, 2024)
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Understanding the rules and knowing the basic concepts are essential for betting. Ignoring the rules often causes wrong actions, leading to blocking and disappointment in betting. This review will analyze the Melbet platform’s rules and explain the basic concepts.

Main Terms and Definitions

Melbet Main Terms and Definitions

The rules published on the official Melbet website have a special section with basic terms. It is essential to know them since they form the basis, and without a clear understanding, it is impossible to correctly interpret the bookmaker’s offer and choose the most profitable options.

  • The first concept is bet. It is an agreement between the user and the bookmaker. The parties stipulate their obligations in the event of a particular sports game result. When agreeing, the parties know the risks and assume responsibility.
  • The following important concept is the outcome. Beginning bettors often reduce it to the final score, but this is a mistake. It is the result on which the bet is made. It could be a winner, a specific score, or the value of one particular statistical indicator. 
  • The concept of sports plays a vital role in the bookmaker’s platform. It combines all events, bet types, and markets available to the bettor. Thus, the understanding of sports is much broader than generally accepted.
  • In addition, it is essential to know what a bet cancellation is. It is a situation where the parties cannot complete their agreement, for example, due to canceling a sporting event. The transaction is canceled in this case, and the bettor receives the bet amount back.

Bet Types on Melbet

Bet Types on Melbet

The bookmaker provides all the usual types of bets. It allows you to diversify the experience and increase the potential profit. Let’s take a closer look at the available options.


The single bet is the most straightforward and most intuitive. You guess one outcome of a particular event. Calculating your potential winnings is also quick and easy. Multiply the amount you want to bet by the odds, and you will see the size of your potential winnings.


The accumulator is suitable for more experienced bettors who already have their hands on single bets. Essentially, you combine many single bets into one bet, increasing your risk and potential winnings. The advantage of the accumulator is that the winnings are much higher at the expense of increased risk. It is because if one selection is lost, the entire bet is lost.

Due to the all-or-nothing nature of the accumulator, some players like to hedge their risk by betting on the events of their bet so that income can be earned even if not all selections win. For example, a person placing an accumulator can also bet on six smaller accumulators, so if one choice loses, all is not lost.

Promo Code

A promo code is one of the types of bonuses. That is, the bookmaker can allow the user to make a free bet. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the choice of an event. Only the face value of the bonus limits you. 

Once you have received a promo code, it is straightforward to use it. As usual, select the appropriate event, market, and odds. Then, instead of entering the amount, activate the code in the proper window. The system will count your choice without debiting funds from your balance.

To calculate the possible winnings, multiply the bet value by the odds and subtract the bet value from the resulting amount. As a result, you will see the amount you will receive if you win the bet.

How to Make Bets 

Melbet How to Make Bets 

If you are new to betting and need detailed instructions, read the article about how to bet on Melbet. This review will only briefly examine the betting process and focus on tips for successful prediction.

If you want to make reliable sports predictions, use a few simple tips in your work:

  • Avoid betting on your favorite team. This may seem counter-intuitive since loyal fans know everything about their club and can make correct predictions. However, the emotional component often does not allow you to assess the chances correctly, so such bets are often lost. Therefore, choose those teams that do not cause a strong emotional reaction, and then you can make an accurate calculation.
  • Don’t spray yourself. Do not try to bet on all the events that seem profitable for you at once. Instead, focus on a specific sport or a specific league. Choose and strictly follow a financial strategy without exceeding the established daily limits. At the same time, daily collect information about selected teams and analyze statistics.
  • Don’t get carried away by significant events. Beginners think that betting on the championship final is profitable, but this is often not true. When betting on the favorite, the chances of winning are high, but the winnings themselves will be insignificant. If you bet on the outsider, you can hit the jackpot, but the outsider rarely wins. Thus, paying attention to less popular events is better, where the bookmaker’s margin will be smaller, and the odds will be more profitable.
  • Control your expenses. Don’t let emotions take over reason. We have already written about the need for a well-thought-out financial strategy in which you set a specific spending limit and do not exceed it. Experts advise spending no more than 2-5% of your bankroll on bets. Also, don’t worry about the event’s outcome after placing your bet. You won’t be able to change anything anyway, so try to distract yourself with something else.
  • Analyze odds. The lower this indicator, the greater the probability from the bookmaker’s point of view. Beginner bettors are better off choosing events with low odds. In this case, it is impossible to instantly win large sums, but the probability of losing will be significantly lower. As you gain experience, you will be able to compare offers from different bookmakers and choose the most profitable odds.

The above tips will be handy for novice players, but experienced bettors may also want to refresh their memory.

Event Outcomes

Melbet Event Outcomes

Outcomes or betting markets are result options that you can bet on. Let’s quickly look at the most popular markets available on Melbet.

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Game Outcome

The first and most common bet is placed on the outcome of a sporting event. The player must guess one of three possible outcomes: victory of the first team (W1), draw (X), or victory of the second team (W2).

Double Chance

This type of bet comes directly from the bet on the match’s outcome. In this case, bookmakers offer to combine two of the three possible results. It should be noted that if a sports discipline does not involve an outcome like a draw, there is no such bet.


Total bets are most often used in football or hockey. To place a bet, you must know how many goals can be scored during a match.


One of the opponents is often far superior to the other in experience and class of play. People do not want to bet on the victory of the second opponent. To balance the situation a little, bookmakers offer to bet on a handicap.


It is challenging to predict the exact score of a match. The most muscular athlete can get injured at the beginning of the game and drop out. The most experienced goalkeeper can concede ten goals because “sometimes it happens.” However, the benefit will be significant if the user is lucky enough to guess correctly.

Time Result

A bet on the outcome of the half or period. The team can win in the first half and the whole game. Predicting or guessing such an outcome is much more complicated than the usual result of a match, so the betting odds are pretty significant.

Of course, the choice of markets for popular events is much more comprehensive, but most often, you will find precisely these outcomes.

Minimal and Maximum Stake

Melbet Minimal and Maximum Stake

The minimum possible bet on the platform is only 22 KES. The max bet differs depending on the odds based on the maximum payout, which is about 6,530,000 KES. The system calculates and displays the maximum possible bet for each specific event.

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Other Limits and Restrictions

Melbet: Other Limits and Restrictions

In addition to the amount limit, other rules need to be considered.

  • Bets are available only to adult users.
  • The user cannot bet on the same event multiple times.
  • The account may be blocked if the system detects deliberate misrepresentation of the bookmaker or other users.
  • The bookmaker prohibits making bets to persons involved in a particular sporting event (participants, coaches, attendants).

Read the terms of service before placing a bet, as this will help to avoid violations.


Melbet Conclusion

The Melbet service offers users fairly standard conditions for the Kenyan market. All basic concepts and mandatory requirements can be found in the terms and conditions of the platform published on the official website. In general, we must admit that the bookmaker provides quite comfortable conditions for betting, including many sporting events and markets. The bookmaker is popular with Kenyan users for a reason, and if you are looking for a betting platform, check it out.

What are the terms and conditions for the Melbet bonus?
Melbet allows all new users to receive a welcome bonus. When you register on the MelBet website, you can receive a 200% bonus worth up to KES 20,000 for your first deposit. The user is entitled to receive only one bonus. The minimum account replenishment to receive it is 130 KES. The bonus is credited automatically after the first top-up of your account if you have filled in all the fields in your data in your account and your phone number is confirmed via SMS.
What is the maximum winning on Melbet?
The maximum win per bet can be, at most, 6,532,860 KES. However, you can make different bets and combine them into accumulators and systems.
What is the minimum stake in Melbet Kenya?
The minimum bet per event is 22 KES. It is an acceptable amount that any bettor can afford.

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