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9 September, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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In this article, we will sail to the treasure island of those lucky punters who managed to win big on 1xBet.

About 1xBet in Kenya

About 1xBet in Kenya

One of the most popular bookies worldwide is 1xBet. The world’s extension was not initially envisaged, but the course of life brought the brand to the pedestal where it stands up to the present moment.

1xBet is currently a top bookmaker for Kenyan punters. With one of the largest selections of online casino games and sports betting markets, the brand has made a name for itself as one of the top websites in Kenya. Additionally, because it is completely authorized and regulated, this website represents a safe spot to sign up. You may access all the sports, casino games, and betting options from your laptop or mobile device once you’ve finished the 1xBet signup process. We have a detailed 1xBet review you can read to learn more about this well-loved brand.

1xBet Background and Reputation

Since its launch in 2007, 1xBet has established a niche in the market and earned a sizable following among bettors. With millions of active users on its site throughout the world, the bookmaker has cemented itself as a leader in online sports betting, as proven by a long list of awards. It was recently recognized as the Innovator of the Year at the International Gaming Awards in 2023, proving its goal of being the finest bookie worldwide.

In addition to sports betting, 1xBet is actively engaged in sponsorship commitments.  Moreover, 1xBet supports a number of important competitions, football clubs, teams, leagues, and championships. For instance, 1xBet has sponsorship agreements with the UEFA Champions League, CAF, the Spanish team Barcelona FC, etc. On top of that, 1xBet has appointed a number of well-known athletes, artists, and performers as brand ambassadors.

1xBet Rules

​​To maintain its impeccable reputation, 1xBet has established guidelines that users must follow. No participant is permitted to possess more than one 1xBet account, for example. 1xBet has the right to block your account if you break this regulation. Other requirements include the following:

  • Underage gamblers are not permitted at 1xBet.
  • Meet the wagering requirements before requesting withdrawals. 
  • Keep your 1xBet account active; if it is dormant for three months, the bookie has the power to block it.

Biggest Winners on 1xBet Kenya

Biggest Winners on 1xBet Kenya

Let’s take a look at some fortunate souls who got super lucky on 1xBet.

Ben Maunda

In 2017, an unemployed student from Kenya managed to win over KES 13,000,000. He placed a wager of KES 50 on the daily jackpot, which had 15 matches. 

Ben claims he had no exact strategy, so his lucky bet was pure luck, sorry for the tautology.

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Success Stories in Other Countries

Success Stories in Other Countries 1xBet

Let’s review a couple more examples from outside Kenya.

Akin From India

One of the 1xBet players won approximately KES 141,000,000 at the end of April 2022 using two system bets. Akin has been a 1xBet user since registering on the website back in 2018. Akin managed to score a win by placing two system wagers on football events. System wagers are relatively risky by design, but he compensated for the selections being low-odds ones. 

Axel From Latin America

Over the summer of 2022, a gambler from Latin America named Axel increased his wealth by about USD 350,000 (around KES 50,000,000). He placed two accumulator bets with nine and ten selections, respectively. All the selections won.

If you have already met your lucky bugger quota for today, let’s switch to practicalities.

How to Win on 1xBet: Winner’s Tips

How to Win on 1xBet: Winner’s Tips

Most prediction tips are more or less the same. The key is to combine them in a smart way, use your logic but also trust your gut. These are the most common and handy insights:

  • No hurry. Don’t rush to act, decide, or pick a side in a wager if you want to increase your chances of winning 1xBet games. You can experience time constraints or a sense of pressure. However, playing 1xBet online casino games like blackjack and poker with a cool mind and a calm attitude will boost your chances of success. Time restrictions are common in card games. Sometimes you have less than a minute. To beat other players or get the best value at 1xBet, you can use the time restriction as part of your gaming strategy for a particular game and bet type. To do this, you need to absorb information, determine winning chances, and comprehend potential outcomes in a split second. Making snap decisions without sufficient information can result in irrational conclusions. This is one of the key reasons why offline and online casinos make more money, as the pressure of making a rapid choice can induce more haste, panic, and consequent losses.

As a result, one of the most important pieces of advice for winning games at 1xBet is to not rush through the action. This is applicable to all choices, but it works especially well in live sports betting, poker, and blackjack games.

  • Don’t hesitate to cash out. Knowing when to leave a bet is one of the crucial abilities you must have. Don’t chase a victory, and do keep your expectations in control. It’s best to cut your losses and withdraw your money if something goes wrong and your wager can’t be recovered.
  • Gather information. You will benefit from reading about the various game kinds and betting techniques. Each sort of competition, game, or sport has a different betting strategy. Reading about various game genres enables you to increase your expertise and discover tactics that have something in common.
  • Watch other players. When you bet, you frequently have to observe what other individuals are doing and strive to figure out their motivations. In the game, keen observational abilities are crucial. You can learn new gameplay techniques by observing other players. Besides, you’ll discover more about the other players’ faults. 
  • Choose games wisely. Like most things, games are a category where quality overrides quantity. So, place only certain wagers. Invest your money wisely, and only place a wager after analysis of the data and statistics shows it will win. Even though it may be the season’s biggest game, keep in mind that not all games are worth betting on. Place your wagers exclusively on worthwhile games.
  • Use your logic. Following the figures and making bets based on the stats is one of the toughest things to do. Don’t play when intoxicated, even if it’s just your own emotions. Even if it means placing a wager on a game you don’t particularly enjoy playing, it’s important to maintain objectivity and disregard biases. 
  • Stake more on fewer games. You can bet more while playing fewer games. Even though it could appear that betting on numerous games at once is the greatest method to make significant money, unless you are playing low-risk games, your chances of losing money more quickly will increase. Be careful not to collect too many tickets. Pick a few and raise your stake. This will raise your likelihood of winning.

The key to smart betting is striking a precise balance between the numbers and your gut. You can combine several tactics, alter them on the go, and test out various approaches to determine what works best for you.

Safety and Fair Play: How Are They Handled

1xBet Safety and Fair Play: How Are They Handled

Rumor has it that the 1xBet sportsbook and online casino didn’t care much about its consumers and had a lot of unresolved disputes before. We investigated these claims in great depth. It showed that players who were dishonest in their reports and betting syndicates that accessed early markets to put bets on questionable matches were the sources of the majority of complaints made against this brand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this bookmaker, in our opinion. 

We haven’t uncovered any proof of client mistreatment by 1xBet.

Gambling with 1xBet is totally safe. The bookie uses two layers of user protection when registering and logging in, as well as cutting-edge SSL encryption, to make the website secure. The management group and employees at 1xBet take the protection of users’ personal data and general confidentiality very seriously. 1xBet is committed to protecting your personal information. 

In the Privacy Policy section, users can get an explanation of the data 1xBet gathers when using the services, the reasons for gathering this data, and how they use it. They add that they reserve the right to amend this privacy policy at any time and will alert you to any changes by posting the updated terms on their websites.

The 1xBet bookmaker is one of the few that carefully considers its members’ safety.

General Opinion About 1xBet

The bookie is usually ranked high both by experts and by punters. There are some controversial reviews, though, which are probably coming from haters or rivals; but the excellent reputation and the plethora of loyal customers speak for themselves.


1xBet Conclusion

One of the top bookmakers in the world, 1xBet is a global force. It offers an array of amazing features, and there’s no denying that it ranks among the best. The question is: how to win big on 1xBet? It is pretty clear that luck plays a large role in most triumphs. However, you still need a betting strategy in place. A lot of things in betting work in a haphazard way, but you can definitely increase your chances and decrease your dangers by maintaining a specific routine, following guidance, and expanding your knowledge of the sport and betting in general.


How do you win big on 1xBet?
You have to be consistent and calm while betting. Take your time, and don’t rush while placing bets. You can use our prediction tips above. They really do help to boost your winnings.
What is the maximum bet amount in 1xBet?
The maximum sports betting limits at 1xBet vary by event and wager type. The gaming providers determine the maximums for individual casino game titles.
How do I win a daily bet on 1xBet?

Winning bets requires both strategy and luck. Use the basic tips below.

  • Know the sport. Become familiar with the sports you are betting on. You can have an advantage when placing bets if you are familiar with the teams, players, and current form.
  • Recognise the market. Recognize the various wager kinds, odds, and potential winnings. Comparing odds from different sportsbooks might be helpful.
  • Start small to win big. Start with minimal bets to get a feel for the platform’s dynamics and the sports you’re betting on, especially if you’re a rookie.
  • Create an action plan. Create a betting strategy based on your knowledge. This can involve concentrating on particular bet categories, groups of athletes, or circumstances.
How to win the 1xBet jackpot?
Hitting the jackpot mostly depends on luck. However, to boost your betting experience, read our prediction tips above.
Who won the highest money in 1xBet?
In 2022, Akin from India won over USD 1,000,000. He is considered one of the luckiest 1xBet punters.

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