12 November, 2022 (updated 28 July, 2023)
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What is Cash Out in Betting?

Betting is one of the most thrilling yet risky hobbies one can have. The more power you have to manage the risk, the greater profit you will achieve in the long run. Only the most successful Kenyan bookmakers can afford to implement an advanced feature called “Cash Out,” which allows punters to control this risk. In this article, we’re going to review what this feature has to offer, how it affects casual and seasoned bettors, and why you should consider cash out as one of the main factors while selecting a bookie. Without further ado, let’s get underway!

The Concept of “Cash Out”

Since the moment when sports wagering was first found as a serious business and a source of tangible income, some strict guidelines have come into play in order for such companies to float above the red line. One of these rules goes, “Once a bet has been set, you are not allowed to cancel it.” This stigma has been around for ages, and now the special feature “Cash Out” practically denies this rule, providing punters with control over the bankroll.

The concept is pretty straightforward: at any given time during the play, bettors can partially take out the staked amount back or partially receive a win depending on the current state of the game. It means that if the team you’ve placed a wager on is behind, you can reduce the possible loss by a certain percent based on the time and earned scores or points. In the scenario when your wager is absolutely fine, the bookmaker will offer a cash-out in order to minimize their payment to you, so you have to be careful when considering using a feature.

Overall, the “Cash Out” is definitely a step forward towards the enlargement of bettors’ satisfaction and the establishment of a clear and fair connection between the bookmaker and the punter. Most of the international sportsbooks have already implemented this feature, and more than half of their local rivals are aiming to get to the point where they can afford a cash-out without a significant decline in income.

Examples of Using The Cash Out

Although it might seem that the cash out takes a lot of knowledge and effort to use, it does not really represent the situation. The only skills required to make the most of a cash-out are experience, a strong sense of foreboding, and an understanding of how betting works.

For instance, let’s imagine that you bet 5,000 KES on Team X to win a soccer game. The situation goes in your favor, and you’re pretty confident about your prediction. Then, out of the blue, conditions change, and it’s clear now that Team X is going to lose its advantage on the field, which eventually leads to a complete loss. In this scenario, Cash Out will come in handy, allowing you to partially take the staked amount back. Let’s say that the decision was made in the middle of the game. It means that you can pretend to get roughly half of the initial wager back, depending on the T&C of the bookmaker.

Now let’s consider another possible situation with the same input data. Your bet on Team X is going to reward you with a generous win, and the situation is still in your favor as the game is coming to an end. You may have a strong feeling that something may happen, and in this case, you can take the winnings right now in order to nullify the chances that the other team will play some scores or points back. But be careful; sometimes bookmakers will offer lavish cash-outs to minimize their payment to you, so if you don’t have a doubt about the outcome, ignore the suggestion.

As you can see, this function provides you with the agility to adjust your strategy and change the fate of your bets even after they have been placed. It’s a known fact that avid punters use services with a cash-out feature only, since they prefer to keep their finger on the pulse and proactively keep track of the money wagered.

How to Get The Most Out of The Cash Out Feature

Like any other perk, cash out can come in handy when you are completely confident in what you are doing. In order to get the most out of cash out, read the following advice:

  • Make sure you know the rules. This applies to the rules of the betting industry, the T&C of a specific bookmaker, and the sports rules of the match you’re wagering on.
  • Form an analytical approach to betting. It’s always good to review a team’s or individual’s statistics to place the most accurate bet. You can seek such data on Telegram channels with sports predictions thematic, or make your own predictions based on your experience and foreseeing. The last option is way superior since nobody else but you can say what’s going to happen.
  • Know the odds. Chances of a certain team winning are partially represented in odds, so you need to understand how they work to get the most out of a cash-out perk. In short, odds are calculated based on the possibilities of one particular event happening, and added onto the margin of the bookmaker.
  • Understand the cash out calculation. If you’d like to take advantage of the feature rather than let the bookmaker take advantage of your gaps in knowledge, it’s crucial to be familiar with the odds calculation and how it can be affected by various factors.


The Cash Out has come to the world of sports wagering as a breath of fresh air, inviting punters all over the world to witness a different side of gambling. With a safer approach to betting, the stream of newcomers swiftly increases and indicates that almost everyone can do the necessary studies and be efficient at betting. Although the feature itself might seem tricky and way-to-complicated, it does not reflect reality, and you can make great use of it without previous experience in sports wagering. Hopefully, we have covered all the points you wanted to learn about this cool feature. If you have some questions unanswered, you might find them in the FAQ section below.


What are the rules for cashing out?
The rules vary depending on the bookmaker. Make sure to read the T&C page before creating an account.
Which fees are applied to cash out?
Typically, there are no fees in the literal sense of the word. The cash out will be calculated automatically based on various factors, like your initial bet, the current state of the play, and the remaining time.
Can I cash out on the app?
Yes, almost every mobile app supports the functionality of the main website. So, if the bookmaker offers cash out on the website, the same offer will be accessible on the app.
What is automatic cash out?
Automatic cash-out is offered by some bookmakers, but we would not recommend enabling this feature. The clear meaning of the cash out is that you are in charge of your wagers, not the bookmaker. By enabling this feature, you are potentially lowering each of your upcoming wins since the bookmaker could partly cash out your winnings in order to pay you out less.
The Sportsbook X has a cash-out, but I can’t use it. Why?
There could be many answers, but the most common is that cash out can be unavailable for certain preselected tournaments or championships. Make sure to go through the T&C as it usually has all the answers.

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