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12 December, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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Once you win money by betting or gambling on any online website, you start trying to receive your money. That’s why the more withdrawal methods you have, the better. Various betting websites offer different solutions for transferring your funds.

But in this article, we will only review the options that 22Bet Kenya provides. This international wagering platform can easily impress anyone with its sheer number of features, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of ways to withdraw your funds. We will check them out in this article while providing a quick overview of the platform, tutorials on using the methods, and ways to solve possible issues.

About 22Bet

About 22Bet

Being a well-established international platform full of functions and features, 22Bet is one of those bookmakers unlikely to disappoint even the most demanding bettors and gamblers. Just a quick look at its number of sports to bet on makes it clear that we’re visiting a serious bookie that doesn’t compromise on the options it offers. The list of betting markets is also quite impressive. If you’re tired of over/unders and moneylines, you can check out Next Goal or Correct Score options.

More interesting wagering features include in-play betting, live streaming, cashout, and support for different kinds of multiple bets. And if casino options interest you more than betting features, you can enjoy various games, ranging from simple slots to more complex card games.

If you want to learn more about 22Bet odds, other fascinating features of the bookmaker, and the rest of the things that the platform offers, check out our dedicated review.

22Bet Withdrawal Methods

22Bet Withdrawal Methods

The platform offers several ways to withdraw money to your preferred payment system. They usually range depending on the market, and since our article is focused solely on 22Bet Kenya, we will cover the ones supported in the country. And thankfully, the number of them is good enough to meet the demands of different Kenyan punters.

22Bet Withdrawal Methods Table

Before we explore the offered withdrawal methods in detail, let’s take a quick look at the table below. It simply shows existing supported options in a demonstrative manner.

22Bet Withdrawal Options

Tutorials on How to Withdraw Money from 22Bet

Tutorials on How to Withdraw Money from 22Bet

And now, let’s check out the central part of our article: the withdrawal methods and how to use them. The platform offers a few options, and while all of them are quite similar in nature, it’s worth taking a closer look at each. We will dedicate the next few sections to detailed tutorials explaining how to move money from the platform onto your account on any supported payment system or using different approaches.

Via the Website’s Interface

The desktop website is the main way of interacting with the platform. So, obviously, you can use it for making any transfers you want, including withdrawing the funds by one of the existing methods.

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Below are the steps to take if you want to withdraw money by using the platform’s website.

How to Withdraw Money from 22Bet
Via the Website’s Interface
Go to the “Withdrawal” Section.
Visit 22Bet in Kenya, log in if you’re not signed in, hit the button with a profile icon, and pick the “Withdrawal Fund” option.
Pick The “Withdrawal” Method.
You will see M-Pesa and Airtel as offered methods on a new page. Pick one, enter the sum you want to withdraw and click “Confirm”.
Finish The Procedure.
Type in the code you will receive, and click “Confirm” again, see a message about a successfully created request, and wait for the money to reflect on your account in the payment system of your choice.

Via App

Having access to the bookie via mobile devices is a must in this day and age. Thankfully, 22Bet offers plenty of options. There are applications for iOS and Android. And if you don’t want to install anything, you can just use the mobile version of the website.

Now, let’s describe each step of the withdrawal process for mobile users:

How to Withdraw Money from 22Bet
Via App
Go to the “Withdrawal” Window.
Run the app, sign in, tap on the profile button on the top-right part of the screen, and hit the “Withdraw from account” button in the “Account Management” section.
Pick a Preferred Method.
Take a look at the 22Bet payment methods, pick one, and enter the stake.
Finish The Procedure.
Confirm the transaction via code. When all is done, you can now wait for the money.
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Welcome Bonus
Up To 15.000 KES


Access to various features via SMS would be extremely convenient, especially for punters without consistent Internet access. That’s why many betting platforms provide an ability to register, place bets, deposit and withdraw funds. If you want to know how to withdraw money from 22Bet via SMS, you will be disappointed. The reason is that, unfortunately, 22Bet Kenya doesn’t support any of these options, including SMS withdrawal. There’s a chance that things will change in the future, but we wouldn’t count on this.

Airtel Money

Airtel is a commonly used service in Kenya. This payment system allows you to transfer funds from your smartphone’s comfort easily. BetWinner supports it as a withdrawal option, so here are the steps you can take to move the funds from the platform to your Airtel balance.

  1. Go to the website or run the app.
  2. Sign in if you’re not.
  3. Find the profile button and hit it.
  4. Go to the “Withdraw Funds” page if you’re using the desktop website or tap the “Withdraw from Account” if you’re using the app.
  5. Select Airtel Money from the options.
  6. Enter the stake.
  7. Confirm your phone number.
  8. All done!


M-Pesa is a well-known payment system that’s widely used in Kenya. It works well on various devices, and you can easily access it through your phone’s USSD commands. The system is so popular in the country that it’s likely that the majority of Kenyan punters already have an account. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that 22Bet supports such an option as a withdrawal method.

If you want to use it to transfer funds from your account on the platform, then take the following steps:

  1. Visit 22Bet or start the application.
  2. Log in.
  3. Locate the profile button on the top-right part of the page or app.
  4. Go to “Withdraw Funds” or “Withdraw from account.”
  5. Select M-Pesa among the methods.
  6. Enter the sum you’re planning to withdraw.
  7. Confirm your phone number with a code.
  8. All done.

Withdrawal Fees and Limits

22bet Withdrawal Fees and Limits

Now, let’s check the limits the platform puts on you if you plan to withdraw your money. The minimum sum you can withdraw at once is 10 KES. The platform doesn’t specify the upper limit, so we can only expect the maximum one to be a rather big sum. The range is quite good, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

The platform doesn’t use any withdrawal charges, so you receive the exact sum you transferred.

Withdrawal Time

22bet Withdrawal Time

In the case of many platforms, withdrawals usually take a certain time. The reason is that the payment systems have to process them properly. In the case of 22Bet Kenya, all of the supported methods are rather fast. For example, the website claims you will receive your funds within 15 minutes if you use M-Pesa.

What to Do if Things Go Wrong

22bet What to Do if Things Go Wrong

Sometimes, things take an unexpected turn for the worse. This rarely happens with polished and well-known platforms such as 22Bet, but it’s still possible. After all, money transfers involve way too many parties and some complex processes.

Let’s look at possible issues and how to handle them if you encounter any problems.

  • Withdrawals don’t come through. If the platform cancels your withdrawal request, there are likely reasons for that. First, check if the information you provided is correct. Make sure you’re within withdrawal limits. The last thing is going through the verification process, the platform should’ve put you through it before your first withdrawal. If everything we mentioned fails, please contact customer support.
  • Withdrawals take too long. Withdrawals aren’t usually instantaneous, although the platforms usually process them quickly. In some cases, the transaction might take longer than you would expect. If the times exceed what the platform states, usually it’s 15 minutes, feel free to contact customer care.
  • The platform doesn’t allow you to make a withdrawal. Sometimes, this problem happens. Start by checking whether you provided the correct financial information. Also, check withdrawal limits. If both things don’t help, contact customer care; they will likely explain the issue.
  • I can’t find my preferred withdrawal method. In this case, the platform either no longer supports it or has never worked with it. So, you will have to use another one and hope your preferred option will appear.


22bet Conclusion

Betting involves money, so you can transfer it into your account on the platform or from the bookmaker into your wallet on any payment system you like. Our article didn’t revolve around the possible deposit methods. Instead, we focused on withdrawing money from 22Bet in Kenya. Since this betting platform is well-developed and works in many countries, it was exciting to check out what it offers for the Kenyan market.

In the end, we can confidently say that the platform features plenty of ways to withdraw your funds if you’re a punter or gambler residing in the country. The existing options include M-Pesa and Airtel. The way the methods work is also quite straightforward: you’re always just a few clicks or taps away from receiving your money.

Apart from that, we also covered withdrawal time, limits, and possible issues that you might encounter. We also provided a quick overview of the platform as a whole, which can be useful if you’re just thinking of joining it.


What to do if 22Bet doesn’t let me withdraw?
If you’re sure you provided the correct information, the sum is within betting limits, and 22Bet is this payment method, you can contact customer care.
How easy is it to deposit/withdraw money in the 22Bet application?
The process is incredibly straightforward and doesn’t differ much from how the desktop app handles it.
Why is my 22Bet withdrawal pending?
The reasons might be different. If you provided the correct financial information, contact customer care or wait for the issue to resolve itself.
What should I do if I can’t withdraw from my account?
We recommend checking whether you gave the correct financial information. Also, make sure you’re within withdrawal limits. If everything seems to be correct, contact customer care; they will explain the issue, which might lie on the payment system’s side.

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