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10 December, 2023 (updated 15 May, 2024)
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If you start wagering on a new platform, you can find that there’s one step between the registration and betting processes. It involves depositing money into your account. After all, you need to have funds before you can start placing your wagers. There are different ways you can top up your account; they range from e-wallets and established payment systems to cryptocurrencies and direct bank transfers. The methods might differ significantly from country to country, even within a single betting platform, since things can depend on which platforms are legal and supported in certain places.

The text below will review the main ways to deposit your money at 22Bet Kenya. The platform offers plenty of ways to move funds into your account, so it’s worth checking out each of them. We will include detailed tutorials and recommendations on how to solve possible issues. Moreover, the article also covers deposit limits and fees. Let’s check them all out!

About 22Bet

About 22Bet

22Bet is a platform that operates in many countries worldwide. It was established quite a long time ago and managed to grow its number of features during those years. As a result, it’s packed with many functions and can offer nearly anything a punter or gambler might want.

The 22Bet sportsbook can easily impress with a list of offered disciplines to bet on. The sports range from football and volleyball to sports like ice hockey. Betting markets are also quite diverse, offering different options for the platform’s customers. Additional betting features such as live wagering and streaming, the cashout option, and placing multiple bets also exist.

For players who prefer casino games, 22Bet offers enough things to try their luck with. And, of course, if you’re a mobile user, you can enjoy the iOS and Android apps. Moreover, a smartphone-optimized website version is the perfect option for punters who can’t or won’t install the applications.

22Bet: Deposit Methods

22Bet: Deposit Methods

Now it’s time to check the main aspect of this article: the deposit methods. 22Bet provides plenty of them, and its choices for Kenyan players don’t seem limited. In the next few sections, we plan to check out the available ways to move money into your account from the platform.

22Bet Deposit Methods Table

First things first, before going into more detail about all of the transfer methods, let’s take a quick look at them. We will use a table to ensure you can get all the information in one place.

22Bet’s Supported Deposit Methods
Direct Bank TransferNo

22Bet Deposit Tutorials

And now, let’s move to detailed tutorials covering how exactly you can move money into your 22Bet account. Check them out to better understand how things work, or get instructions on using your preferred way.

Using M-Pesa

M-Pesa is one of the most popular ways to transfer your funds in Kenya, being one of the most common payment systems in the country. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that 22Bet supports it as a deposit method. Below are the steps to go through if you want to transfer money on the platform via M-Pesa.

22Bet Deposit Tutorials
Using M-Pesa
Find The “Deposit” section
Go to 22Bet, Log in if you aren’t, and hit the “Deposit” button on the top right part of the screen.
Make a Deposit
Click on the M-Pesa method, input the sum with which you want to top up your balance, and click the “Confirm” box.
Finish The Procedure
You will get a confirmation message stating that the deposit request was created. Pretty soon, money will be credited to your account balance.

And that’s all! There’s no need to enter any 22Bet paybill number or something like that.

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Via Airtel Money

Similarly to M-Pesa, Airtel is another common payment system in African countries, including Kenya. 22Bet offers it as one of the ways to top up your account. Let’s check out how to do it.

22Bet Deposit Tutorials
Via Airtel Money
Go to The “Deposit” Section
Visit 22Bet or run the app, locate, and hit the “Deposit” button
Make The Transaction
Pick the Artel from the list of available options and enter the sum you plan to transfer.
Confirm The Payment
Check out the confirmation message and wait for the funds to reflect on your balance.

As is the case with M-Pesa deposits, you don’t have to enter a 22Bet account number. No need to provide a 22Bet paybill either.


Some platforms enable access to their features just by using SMS. This is very useful for punters who don’t have Internet access or modern smartphones. One such option is the ability to deposit the funds. Unfortunately, 22Bet Kenya doesn’t allow you to transfer funds using SMS.

Other Possible Methods to Top up Your Account Balance on 22Bet

Other Possible Methods to Top up Your Account Balance on 22Bet

So far, all the methods we listed are the only ones the platform offers. 22Bet doesn’t provide any other means to top up your account if you’re a Kenyan resident. But we can confidently say that both Airtel and M-Pesa are popular enough, so these two options will meet the needs of most punters in the country.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of the methods that we described in the previous sections work in apps and mobile versions of the website. This makes the depositing process much more accessible.

Things to Do if Something Goes Wrong

22bet Things to Do if Something Goes Wrong

While most well-established platforms usually operate without issues, some problems might rarely appear. It’s especially true for financial transactions since the problem might be caused by any of the involved parties, the platform itself, the payment system, or, in rare cases, the user.

Let’s check out some of the issues you might run into while depositing money at 22Bet Kenya and what you can try to do.

  • The deposit takes too long. 22Bet claims that the majority of its transactions are instant. Of course, that might not always be the case. If things seem to be taking too long, contact 22Bet’s customer care. They might provide further information or check with the payment system. That’s the only thing that you can do.
  • The deposit was canceled. If your deposit was rejected for some reason, double-check that you provided the correct information and met the deposit limits. If everything looks good, try again since most methods are instant. If this still doesn’t work, try to contact customer service.
  • The platform doesn’t allow me to deposit the sum. If, for some reason, you can’t make a deposit, then first check whether the amount you’re transferring is within the limits, both minimum and maximum. We will cover them in the “Deposit Fees and Limits” section, but the platform should inform you of the sum not being enough or exceeding the maximum bar. If everything’s right, check whether there are any notifications about maintenance works or a particular deposit method not being available for some reason. Then, check whether you provided the correct financial information. Everything seems to be perfect, but the issue persists? Contact customer care.

Deposit Fees and Limits

22bet Deposit Fees and Limits

If you’re worried about the fees, there’s no need to. All of the deposit methods on the platform don’t involve any commissions.

Every betting platform has certain betting limits in place. Some don’t specify it, but in such cases, that just means that the upper limit is so high that you’re unlikely to exceed it. In the next section, let’s check out the smallest and biggest sums you can deposit into 22Bet Kenya.

Minimum Deposit

The smallest amount that you can move to the platform is 10 KES. That’s a straightforward bar to pass, so the wagering process is quite accessible even to punters who don’t want to spend much money.

The platform doesn’t specify the maximum limit, which usually leads us to believe that the actual sum is quite high. We described our reasoning in the previous section, mentioning that some platforms don’t include exact limits.

Deposit Time

Deposit Time 22bet

There’s usually a certain amount of time that the betting platform mentions for deposit and withdrawal methods, meaning how long the transaction usually takes. In the case of 22Bet Kenya, the platform’s options are instant. Or at least that’s what the bookmaker claims.

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22bet Conclusion

It’s difficult to overestimate how important the depositing process is for betting purposes. After all, placing any wager without adding some money first is impossible. Although free bets for new users exist, they’re still less common than one would like them to be, and in most cases, you still have to deposit some money first.

Our article focused only on how transferring money into one’s account works on 22Bet. This international platform offers a long list of features and operates in many countries worldwide, including Kenya. And that’s exactly the market we covered in our review, providing tutorials on depositing money and explaining how to deal with possible issues.


What is the 22Bet deposit fee in Kenya?
22Bet doesn’t have any deposit fees for its methods in Kenya.
What is the difference between M-Pesa and Safaricom?
Safaricom is the company behind M-Pesa, although many use the names interchangeably.
Do I have to enter any paybill numbers during depositing?
No, you don’t.
What is the maximum payout for 22bet in Kenya?
This always changes, but it’s usually several million Kenyan Shillings.
How do you get verified on 22Bet?
The platform has a verification procedure in place. The platform asks you to upload identification documents, including your photo and age. For example, your national ID or driver’s license. Sometimes, you will have to send the papers that would act as proof of residence, such as utility bills.
Can I deposit money via Neteller?
No. Unfortunately, 22Bet Kenya doesn’t support it.
Does 22Bet Kenya support PayPal?
No. You can’t withdraw your money using it either.
Can I use Bitcoin to transfer money into my 22Bet Kenya account?
No. Unfortunately, 22Bet Kenya doesn’t support cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

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